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Read this shit some damn time:
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Middle Scots
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I saw the last thread reach page 10 and didn’t do anything.

I tried to reply to a question someone asked but the thread had already been archived at that point

nederlands is moelijik! niet makkelijk

Ga de oven in

Nú, ég er að læra íslenska

What is the most regular natural language? (in the sense of regular vs irregular verbs etc)

my wife chino... I WANT TO FUCK CHINO please chino is so cute my wife chino is so cute

i don't think there's such a thing but i'd say turkish or mongolian or some other turkic or mongolic language

Imagine a X man sitting next to a Y woman on a Z


Is there a regular Spanish language thread like Francofil? I can never find one.



Finnish, Turkish, Hungarian

/lat/ and /esp/ but /lat/ is a shit heap and /esp/ have a deep hatred for any British posters

*has before I get called retarded

It's a british thing.

Challenge of the Day

Today I stayed in
Tomorrow I'll go out for a run
We don't like goat's cheese
Swiss cheese is alright though

Less easy
Hello everyone, today I'm going to be teaching you how to cook a scrumptious chicken madras curry
It's packed with all sorts of spices like coriander, garam masala, tumeric and what not
Has anyone seen my bicycle around here? I'm pretty sure I left it right here [points to where he locked it up]
What the hell is with all these speed bumps everywhere? They've really wrecked my car

Least easy
Where the hell has my house gone? I must have suffered brain damage while I was out
When you went to hospital do you remember exactly which floor of the building you occupied?
Oh gosh darn it my knees hurt real bad. I must have bumped them real bad on my 200km trek through the Pyrenees
They told us that they'd be visiting us in Italy this April. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the trip for obvious reasons

To the poster last thread, ŝ and ĉ aren't identical sounds in Esperanto.

He said: Why invent those snowflake letters when they could've used Č and Š

Maybe he thought that circumflex would be more widely recognized or easier to remember for people who weren't speakers of Latinized Slavic languages

>Heute bin ich drinnen geblieben.
>Morgen werde ich laufen gehen.
>Wir mögen keinen Ziegenkäse.
>(Schweizer Käse?) ist allerdings gut.

>Hallo Leute. Heute werde ich euch beibringen, wie man ein (the only word I know here is "hünchen") kochen.
>Es besteht aus alle Menge Gewürzen wie [ ].
>Hat jemand mein Fahrrad in der Nähe gesehen? Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass ich es genau da gelasst habe [zeigt darauf, wo er es eingesperrt hat]
>Was zum Teufel geht um all diesen Bodenschwellen überall? Sie haben mein Auto wirklich zerstört.

Why do you always post about Scots here if there are no ways to learn it?

La sfida del giorno

>Today I stayed in
Oggi ho rimasto in casa
>Tomorrow I'll go out for a run
Domani anderò fuori per correre
>We don't like goat's cheese
Ci non piace il formaggio da capra
>Swiss cheese is alright though
Ma il formaggio svizzero è buono

because he's fucking autistic

>Oggi ho rimasto in casa
"sono rimasto", rimanere is one of those verbs that always need essere as auxiliary
>Domani anderò fuori per correre
"andrò fuori a correre"
>Ci non piace il formaggio da capra
"Non ci piace"
"di capra"

íslensku *

Also based

Grazie mille!
I suppose da is for geographical direction, and di is more like general "of", right?

"di" is "of", yes
"da" means "from", but it's also sometimes used to give a sense of purpose, for example "un libro da studiare" (a book to be studied), that's not the case here though

Necesito un poco de ayuda. Soy un programador pero no se como se dice "programming" como un verbo. He escuchado "programacion" antes.

Por ejemplo "me gusta mucho programming(?)"

>Idag ble jeg inne.
>Imorgen skal jeg ute på tur.
>Vi liker ikke geitost.
>Sveitsisk ost er bra da.

>Hei alle sammen, idag skal jeg lære dere hvordan man lager en deilig kylling-madras-curry.
>Den inneholder mange slags krydder som koriander, garam masala, gurkemeie og flere til.
>Har noen her sett sykkelen min? Jeg er ganske sikker på at jeg lot den akkurat der borte. *peker på plasset der han låst sykkelen sin*
>Hvorfor finnes det så mange faens fartshumper overalt? De har virkelig ødelagt bilen min.

>Hvor i helvete har huset mitt gått? Jeg må ha fått hjerneskade mens jeg var ute.
>Husker du hvilken etasje du lå på da du var i sykkehuset?
>O fy fabian det gjør vondt i knærne mine. Jeg må ha såret dem enormt da jeg var på tur gjennom Pyreneene.
>De fortalte oss at de skulle besøke oss i Italia i april. Men dessverre måtte de avbestille reisen på åpenbare grunner.


hei på deg

Ceгoдня я ocтaлcя дoмa.
Зaвтpa я cхoжy нa пpoбeжкy. Зaвтpa я пoбeгaю.
Haм нe нpaвитcя кoзий cыp.
Oднaкo, швeйцapcкий cыp хopoш.

Здpaвcтвyйтe вceм, ceгoдня я бyдy yчить вac кaк гoтoвить вкycный кypиный кappи Maдpaca!
Oн нaбит вceвoзмoжными cпeциями, тaкими кaк кopиaндp, гapaм мacaлa, кypкyмa и тaк дaлee. (couldn't really figure out a better translation for what not)
Ктo-нибyдь видeл здecь мoй вeлocипeд? Я yвepeн, чтo ocтaвил eгo пpямo здecь! [yкaзывaeт нa тo, гдe oн зaпep eгo ]
Чтo, чepт вoзьми, пpoиcхoдит co вceми этими лeжaчими пoлицeйcкими (кeк) пoвcюдy? Oни дeйcтвитeльнo paзбили мoю мaшинy.

is there some ez grammar guide like Tae Kim's japanese one, but for other languages? i don't like textbooks and (((duolingo))) mixes it up with too many exercises

the teach yourself series is mostly just grammar translations, and there are a lot of grammar references, pons makes a lot of them for example. tho if u mean like a full on grammar practice thing then youll have to just look through the products of book publishers for language learning. you could even go through your local bookstore and usually theres reference grammars in the language learning section. at least here there is.

Programación, noun
Programar, verb