One piece

>What do mean you dont want to take baths with me anymore Pay-Pay?

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Zoro is the most likable and the best written character in all manga. His smile is medicinal like Hiruluk's cherry blossom. You may cope but this is what perfection looks like.

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made some adjustments to my ideal roster for a 2d fightan

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you would be that happy too if you also had a barrel of Kiku's cum

you must be an unironic manchild

you know if you all wanted a one piece 2Fighter so bad, you could just make it yourselves

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Based and true

>Pay-Pay's broken pelvis

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alright, be right back

BOREro is the guy who cuts things and wants to be the bestest and strongest. zzzzzz

*rum, it's rum that Kiku distilled

What's up with vinsmokes being in one spot? I'd play the shit out of that btw

Imagine getting upset about the word problematic

Could you imagine the bullying if Kaku had soap powers?

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Zorobin GOAT

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Reminder that according to Luhanfags, this is Franky’s canon love interest.

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>What's up with vinsmokes being in one spot?
they would play à la ginyu force in dbfz, with judge being the main character and swapping through reiju, yonji and ichiji's attacks

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franky's love interest is sunny


It's like fingernail on a chalk board. It immediately brings into the mind the picture of a greasy and deformed screeching woman that smells like soup.

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Too late. Kyuin likes him, therefore Franky must commit himself to her. It’s all in the Luhan handbook for romance.

He looks like a condom lol


>it's going to be another week of retards posting the exact same shit over and over

Take your meds schizos.

Sorry user, only Fishmen allowed

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fuckin bowlin pin lookin ass lmfao

Explain this

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Remove Perona, Baby 5, Hawkins, Kaku
Put Kuro, Arlong, Kidd, Kin'emon
Don't know about Mr 2, Perospero and Vinsmokes, maybe Hody, Fujitora and Wapol make more sense

Jesus I hate to be one of those guys, but what the hell was Oda thinking with his armor? Made him just feel stupid.

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Sometimes I forget

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Great roster but I'd put Gin instead of Krieg and Kyoshiro (with the hair up) instead of Oden

Yeah, it doesn't even cover any vital spots, what was Oda thinking?

>Put Kuro, Arlong, Kidd, Kin'emon
don't have enough named moves, mate. i've only counted characters who have at least 6 or 7 attacks with names in the series otherwise it would be impossible for them to get a proper moveset

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a better question is why half his characters are designed like gorillas

Robin has a pussy I think

And people say Chopper doesn't look like a human

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forgot to mention that the only exception to that rule of mine is obviously teach due to his important role for the series

>0 OP hate threads rn

Nami gay

Was the laugh in the manga? How was Zoro's laugh written?

oh, and oden too lol

Will Luffy start a family before he dies young due to all the shortened lifespan foreshadowing?

Come on, Kidd is important too
And Arlong has a lot of moveset potential

Pay-Pay is for milfs

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wtf is with the gorilla proportions

Old hags.


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What's her fruit going to be? The Nikyu? The Neko? The Rot?

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They're human proportions
I don't know weather to accuse you of being racist Shanks or racist Hody

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>Remove Baby 5.
Why? Her moveset is easily way more interesting than Kuro's.

look what Oda drew

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Wow no wonder people fucking hate Sanji

i might think about arlong but no way about kidd, for the moment being. have you seen his depiction in pirate warriors 4? that shit looks mad boring

maybe after the fire festival's raid...

god don't remind me that "character" exists

Zoro was having issues with Robin during Skypeia, he was the only one that didn’t trust her yet. So at that moment he couldn’t process how much he had began to value her and instead of telling Enel “she’s my nakama” he could only think about “she’s a woman”

I've been going through twitter just looking for One Piece art and I found a curious pattern about who likes what characters.
Fans of Zoro are mostly women.
And fans of Sanji are exclusively men.

What does it mean?

He became a monster because he doesn't care anymore about trying to blend in.

what would his awakening be?

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Better to be hated than forgotten.