If a "hero" kills a villain, then he's not a hero, he's just another villain

If a "hero" kills a villain, then he's not a hero, he's just another villain.

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Checked, but all you need to do then is kill 2 killers, and the total number has gone down

why can't batman into nonaggression?
if you kill an aggressor in defense, the number of aggressors goes down by one

Only if you never killed anybone before

He was actually talking about (((they))), meaning, of course...

>but they won't be here to celebrate victory
>that's enough for me

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if you kill 100 killers, the number of killers in the world goes down by 99

that doesnt even make sense
is batman retarded

But if you kill 10 killers you are down 9 killers.

>Intent never matters
>Outcome never matters
>All killers are identical
>All killers are of the same moral character
>Somebody who murders a tyannical dictater, serial killer, etc. is themselves on the moral level of a tyrannical dictater or serial killer or what have you
Goddammit pacifism is such a stupid nonsense ideology, it makes my head hurt its so retarded

The cold never bothered me anyway

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How about you kill 10 killers each time?

>so instead let's just leave some of them crippled for life or to rot in a cage forever
Batman is a psychopath

If a hero allows a villain to live, knowing he's escaped multiple times before and caused trauma to many victims, the number of victims keeps going up.

Batman is a billionaire who likes to play high stakes cops and robbers. The villains dying is inconvenient to him as he wont have any more challenging violent threats to take on.

The Joker has indirectly pointed this out to him from revealing his own motivations, but Bruce is deep in denial and prefers to sit on his false moral high ground.

But then you're a double killer, which is just as bad as two killers.

then your soul is equivalent to 10 killers

that never happens though, that's why he installed a revolving door in Arkham, so they don't stay for longer than 1 day

>The Joker has indirectly pointed this out to him from revealing his own motivations, but Bruce is deep in denial and prefers to sit on his false moral high ground.
Sauce? This sounds pretty fucking based

>kill 2+ killers without killing any innocents
Checkmate atheists


you kill yourself after killing all the other killers though, brining the total number of killers in the world to zero

He's not even a pacifist, he has a punching fetish

My what?

>meanwhile he crippled for life an entire SWAT team because they were going to stop for good the Joker who btw kidnapped an entire school bus and was killing kids one by one...
Yeah, fuck the kids, but don't you dare lay a finger on my beloved Joker, Gotham finnests

Killing yourself is the worst kind, it's like the same as killing 6 million. Even worse if you do it for morally justifiable reasons, killing yourself for morally justifiable reasons that is.

Dark Knight

The Joker is mocking him the entire movie. Leaning into his flawed pacifist philosophy as he keeps causing more carnage every time Batman stops short of killing him.
The best scene is when Batman is seconds away from running him over and the Joker is trying his hardest to break him and go through with it. Laughing when Batman cucks out and skids across.

>villain has killed a lot of people and is clearly capable of killing many more if allowed to live
Batman is so fucking dumb

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I hate how stupid comic writers are lately.

Of all the reasons to use. Just kill more than one killer, boom.

A story where Batman refused to kill the joker (because he's a fag like always) but deliberately turned a blind eye to a bunch of cops or vigilantes who kill the joker would be breddy gud.

Make sure you kill two killers at a time.

okay but what if you kill two killers? Then the numbers go down! Checkmate Bathiests

You mean like half the stories in where the Joker is in? That thing is barely a novelty now

I fucking hate this mindset. Disposing of subhuman murderers is good not as a deterrent but simply as a means to get rid of shitty human beings.

If a killer kills more than one killer than the number of killers in the world is reduced.

Batman doesn't kill cause it's not his job to, he's a vigilante not a serial killer, Batman leaves the sentence of the criminals to the justice system just like any good citizen should do.

But what if we just cut off all killer's limbs? They would still be alive.

my question is how can batman give a fuck about the joker anymore when he's regularly up in space and in different dimensions fighting aliens and demons

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because comic books are garbage

Thank god I don't read superheroes comics or watch any superheroes movies.

Thank god you only post and discuss them on /capeshit/...I mean Yas Forums

No I was only here to post my comment about it. I'm gone now.

so Batman is a cuck? good to know

if you kill a lot of killers you're actually improving the situation though