Has there ever been any proof that there are paid Jewish shills on here making shitposts and slide threads beyond...

Has there ever been any proof that there are paid Jewish shills on here making shitposts and slide threads beyond screeching "SLIDE THREAD SLIDE THREAD SLIDE THREAD" and those autistic howtospotashillthread.pngs?

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The memeflag you're currently flying for example and the fact this thread will only have 1 post by this from OP

I mean, you just proved yourself wrong by replying.

I want some definitive proof, leaks of pages that target this place for Psyops or some shit. Tranny discords that just engage in shitpost assaults don't count. Memeflags are just an easy ass way to troll because all the schizos immediately assume Jews.

You don't have access to the proof.

This is the cyberpunk future, not some silly game where you press X to lick Barney the Dinosaur's clitty and gain access to critical blackmail data.

It's proven that the FBI, and thus likely other "national security" organizations browse and post on Yas Forums. They accidentally outed themselves. We've seen mass demoralization attempts, and proven paid shit attempts (such as YangGang, which came out of nowhere, shit the board up for almost a month, and then suddenly one day nobody was spamming yang anymore 1 day later). Spend some time here and you will be able to discern the organic from the unorganic.

You want receipts. You wanna know how bad the damage is...I get it.
It's bad. Cybersec nightmare bad. All the cool kids know, and we've gone from mockery to pity. This summer is gonna suck for you bro.

No but it keeps them happy to think somebody important might actually be interested in their autistic screeching

Threads where OP is a memeflag is a pretty hecking good indicator

You can’t defy us

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There is no proof, these schizos have been at it since 2016. Because of this pol has become the easiest board to troll because schizos cant pick up any jokes or sarcasn.

You have to be an retard to think this board is not monitored or fucked with. You don't need "hard evidence" to see it.
Look at Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. All filled with clear propoganda and bullshit. You're telling me this board.. quite literally one of the most influential boards on the internet.. with a lower barrier to entry than those listed previously isn't going to have some meddling? Pls use some critical thinking skills.

>comfy cat watches you fap

I'm sure that they could use any flag they wanted, relying on that is foolish. You would not know.

> Please nothing patterns, Goyim.

>Please nothing patterns
Please stop noticing*

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Here you stupid fuck read it and be amazed.

I know about the Federal Boomers of Investigation accidentally outing themselves like complete and total newfags. I forgot about that one, though they're not "muh jewish IDF shills".

This. If someone has the intent to run counter-intelligence or to engage in propaganda and has the means for it, they will also be able to use whatever flag. It's not exactly hard to VPN.

I never said it wasn't, I just never see anything beyond howtosageslidethread.jpg and "faggot memeflag kike jew shill".

If they would target this place, they'd just use their shekel powers to nuke it from orbit and then go on to the more hidden places, i.e. onion stuff.

Gtfo kike




Well, the FBI took the piss but that's about the only thing in terms of hard proof. The levels of Schizo do make it easy to troll this place, though.




You clearly din't read the part on the wiki where they are there to control online debate and behavior. Also working JDIF isn't on a volunteer basis so they get payed, you might want to put one-and-one together now.

i feel like you guys may just be glowies fighting against other glowies but idk

Jidf website: thejidf.org/?m=1

I'm guessing you're below the age of 20?

They might be but don't use a memeflag ever

>It took this long for someone to link it
The absolute state of nupol

No, I'm legitimately wondering due to the sheer influx of "SHILL THREAD SLIDE THREAD KIKE THREAD". It's in every 2nd or 3rd thread or so. Even when the average Yas Forumstard came over to make shitpost threads about the injection of disinfectant, this place got schizo enough to assume it was a JIDF invasion or some shit.

>inb4 "denying to be a glownigger is exactly what a glownigger would say you glownigger"

Again, they'd just nuke this place from orbit. It's not like they lack the ability to do so. At most, they'd be toying with this place for shits and shekels.

The pics of the JIDF rabbis browsing Yas Forums

This is one of the only places where you can talk about the jews without being censored (usually) thats why the majority of the threads on here are slide threads to distract you. If they shut this website down another anonymous imageboard would pop up and so on, that's why they adopted this strategy.

Why nuke it from orbit, it's an excellent honey-pot and scapegoat for false-flag bullshit. and man glowniggers keep using the word schizo, you lot might just want to stop using that shit and start just using channer lingo you'll fit in more, Tell your boss please.

This, their evidence had (you)s all over it, and they published it themselves. Also notice certain topics are always shilled. Notice how there's always slide threads of which I won't evoke the name of, and all sort of 1pbtID with coomer bait, off topic shit. This is just too get everybody off of real discussion and thinking about the serious issues because of some dumb distraction. Notice these days, after everyone learned about Bill Gate's true intentions? Now a shitload of posts defending him or calling anybody questioning him a shill or a schizo, again, they're classic deflection technique. The lockdown threads are definitely shills where people are praising local government and trying to discredit politicians opening states up and those willing to return to their lives. Antigun threads are always more common than progun, call it bait or trolls, the antigun sentiment is really obvious in pro gun threads were you'll have these generic inflammatory responses about how nobody needs guns, and real men yada yada. The thing to note is that plenty of time these posts are very inorganic and easy to ignore, but some try just hard enough to emulate board culture and use board jargon, but incorrectly, yet many posters still fall for these. Just because the poster says niggers, calls you a jew/glownigger (again classic projection deflection), doesn't mean they're a Yas Forumsacks. Anons, don't fall prey to the bots, shills, and glowers, check their posting style, language, use of outdated or wrong use of memes, simply ignore them, do not waste time bickering with them, especiakly when a yhread is full of cookie cutter responses reflecting the same idea. Just don't.

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