Right-wing cringe thread

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You know that kid is drowning in Latina puss

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At least he isn't dancing at a gay bar while fags throw dollar bills at his feet like a stripper

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jesus christ

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I take it you've never heard about Ost Battalion, the Indian Legion or the Free Arab Legion?

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contribute or fuck off

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Based young MAGA warrior also OP is a faggot

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Lol in the USA if you're outside like that with a Strongbow you would quickly be arrested.

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How cringe these pics are depends on when they were taken, back in 2015-2016 Trump was dogwhistling pretty hard to the far right. Ofc now we all know he's a kike puppet but back then wearing a Trump hat meant wanting all the subhumans out of the country

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What in the fuck are you even doing here faggot


Why do you have so many pictures of awkward teenage boys on your computer? That's kinda creepy.

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have we already reached the bottom?
it can't get worse than that, can it?

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>post awkward kids and nerds
>ignores the stupidity and child abuse

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Seething migapede. I wonder if you'd drop that too if it was a leftist cringe thread.

the guy who owns the pol discord spam shit

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hell and modernity are both a bottomless pit.
The second you ask how it could get worse, it inevitably does.

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Voltaire turning in his grave rn.

This is now a left wing cringe thread

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That's a great idea, let's post images of people that paint swastikas in public

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even the dog is cringing hard

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What do you mean this is quality cringe


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5’9” standing next to 6’1”

Hi Redddit!
You must be getting really desperate if you're trying to influence a board with less than 10,000 viewers per hour.

Too bad those pussies never show up for a real fight

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This guy could become new merchant. Just look at him

How many times have UKIP engaged in the systematic coverup of the mass rape of thousands of British children because of "muh racism"? Clearly, they're the wrong'uns

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>Magatards come rushing in when insulted

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I used to see that guy at the protests in Houston. It used to scare the shit out of the leftist pussies.

>they actually, unironically think anyone on Yas Forums will ever vote Democrat
post all the cringe you like, but literally anything will be superior to a Democrat in charge

Even if you aren't causing problems, drinking in public in 99.9% of cities/towns in the USA will get you arrested.
You can legally walk around with a (tax-stamped) full-auto suppressed rifle, but you can't walk around with an open beer can.

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>Land of the free
>If you step outdoors with a cheeky bev you get arrested

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Why can't they just be well adjusted like liberals and leftists?

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The guy in the front looks a bit like Dirlewanger

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What is your fixation with awkward adolescents from 4 years ago?

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