Elon Musk has gone insane, and has started shilling cryptocois. Not trustworthy...

Elon Musk has gone insane, and has started shilling cryptocois. Not trustworthy, ignore him on any matters related to Covid19

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He's blasting off to Mars

Where will he live?

he's based

nice memeflag you skinny-fat faggot

Literally who

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The person who typed this lacks a foreskin.

Saint Francis of Assisi of our lifetime.
Based and Elonpilled

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he's going to buy ethereum

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What the hell, is he on drugs again?

All the more reason to fight.

Mars you dumb nigger.

sounds like he's having woman troubles

Elon knows that where we are going we won´t need physical possessions.

in a barrel

hes got the space ships


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Musk/McAfee alliance!


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Maybe he got hacked, but for real? Feigning a psychotic break is one way to manipulate Tesla's stock price.

That would explain having no physical possessions.

he's bought an RV and he's just going to amble around the US for a few years. completely given up on spaceflight

Literally who?

John Lennon predictioned this

>will own no house
So just mansions?

He will rent

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Amphetamine abuse do be like dat sometimes doe...

Ooooh. He doesn't want to be Bezos'd

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The coronavirus is literally making everyone insane, lmao

Elon Musk my man please let's design a self-sufficient tesla-catamaran. Sell your house and your positions and live on your own ship with the freedom of the seas! It's a dream of an engineering challenge.
I don't have the money.

Can he rummage sale his fucking satellites destroying the night sky?

Spartan or Stoicism? I had a similar call over the last month, it's Dream Walking days, I think. The spirit walking events are coming to everyone right now.

Imagine how rad you could make a billion dollar RV.

It's a fake profile dumbfucks!

Maybe he should become a preacher. Enlighten the youth on what’s really happening in the world

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No one asking the important question like where tf he selling his expensive shit for cheap

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So he's basically become a hippie drifter and a bum. Can't say I didn't see it coming.


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His gone mad with power !!

The satellites aren't meant to last more than ten years. That is more than enough time to repair the earths magnetic field.