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squid thread on the horizon...

Nooooo it's an early thread reeeeeeeee


people actually find heejin attractive?

Hmm yes

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no it's not

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she actually used to look good but she soured pretty fast after starving herself for a while


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We wanted a Wiz*Once Chad thread

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Because it would make me so happy to make hwasas cheeks clap to the rhythm of starry night.

she's so fucking ugly

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stop posting models this is a kpop thread

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post her feet

can someone post non ugly idols?

that guy could probably pick up that gook with one hand and break her in half

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Do you have brain damage?

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heejin is the prettiest girl

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Why does she love to act like a whore ?

Post your hideous mug before saying that


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here's some squid...

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Post pure idols

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Entering the AHN YUJIN blast zone

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give me your soul user

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you were given a blank check
what do

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>Posing clothed for a photo is acting like a whore

Whats her bodycount?

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Yes I want those in my mouth especially Oogie's

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starting to think this jennie girl might actually be an escort and this kpop thing is just a clever front

Confusion is rife

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Ask Jennie where Irene is

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Why did Solar do it

jennie can still get it but she's looking more and more pan faced as time goes on


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Then you're stupid because that's horseshit

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All of Blackpink's looks are deteriorating at a rapid pace except Lisa

left easily
not even a debate
not even close


she's selling sunglasses

Well ageing inevitably spoils beauty but Jennie has yet to bear the brunt of it

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jennie is so hot in these tight dresses

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Based whore lover cuck

Yujin mogs Wony dbh

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Not ttrue they all look fine still. And when they inevitably don't, I'll still remember them fondly for how they were in their peak years

jennie looks better here and I'm 99% sure that she'd be way more fun too

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I like pure girls so right

this but right

Yeah I would bust in like 30 seconds

the only pure idol left

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Oogie up

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dubus pink butthole

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i want her to choke me

Purely for black men

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a man ought to know his limits so he can try to exceed them

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lmao no one likes black people you dummy

that's a good photo. it's not like dubu needs filter look at her


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hey girls do you know what time it is?

it must be party time~

hhnnngggg more

Is this a dude

What about Jennie?

Nosotras queríamos un hilo Slug

Imagine if someone told one of these girls that there is a community on the internet 100% dedicated to arguing if they are ugly LMAO

i do


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finally a cute girl

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because she is

>cant sing
>cant rap
>cant dance
>lazy on stage
>ratty sea chimp face
>is a known cunt, bullied others in school
>addicted to BBC
Whats the appeal, bros?

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They know about Ilbe tho

nice hair

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you mean naver, pann, nate, or one of the hundreds of "internet cafe's" set up to wish death on them on call them ugly?

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wow you guys have really hot and cute waifus

every korean news site with comments...

The Jennie bully thing was fake and the girl she bullied was actually some 57 year old oncel from Norway trying to ruin her reputation.

Post more SanaGoddess

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Wow she is so ugly

I see 3 buns my dudes

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Two of the dubu posters here are black. Be more respectful


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someone whats that one site that has all the streams of korean tv channels

>>is a known cunt, bullied others in school

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imagine whasa just suffocating you between her thighs as you beg her to let you go

it wasn't a oncecel it's the wonho poster


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>311 is the correct thread
>312 is the one thats late and deleted
I told you my thread wasn't early you fucking retards.

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Schizo esl....

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plastic ryujin...

like i said a thousand time.

She serves only to be a Cum Dumpster

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naver tv

Showing off my photocard collection to my waifus.

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>cant sing
>cant rap
>cant dance
>lazy on stage
>chimp face
>addicted to BBC

right before jennie is about to let you put it in she would get one last insult in about you being a virgin

not the worst way to die

she doesn't wear jeans often enough

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why would i want to be let go?

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Jennie's glasses line looks like a lineup of generic sunglasses designs. You can probably order 1000 of them from Alibaba for a couple of dollars

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It's because sluganti mass reports slug threads

pic unrelated

Suraggu sureddo ga hoshikatta

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Slugchads win once again...

Body structure evolutionarily adapted to carry white children

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Dubu? More like doodoo lol

Let me fix it for you

>can sing moderately well
>can rap okay
>can dance to an adequate standard
>lazy sometimes okay sure
>attractive baby face
>is not a known cunt and has been the subject of unfounded bully rumours
>dated once and yes this is regrettable but also inevitable. hard to deal with really
>is the victim of constant retarded "blacked" memes which have no basis in reality

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jennie hasn't been BLACKED officially yet, however...

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you creep me out

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based Drake (and we all agree)

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>57 year old oncel from Norway
wtf how many grandpa fans does twice have? one of the chewy posters is unironically 50, he also posts on bant

she is not

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she'd give me the best 4 seconds of my life

>We be all night

more like 2 seconds once those jeans come off...

Take your meds

>been to Kardashian party in a slutty dress
>no basis in reality
Keep coping

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Ypu should be glad I am making OC memes

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Stupid goyim
רצינו חוט חילזון

more charisma than all your favorite groups combined i think

but shit

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my queen

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hwasa is cool

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who is this slut

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