Three Seas Initiative

Should it become a real Political/Economic and Military Bloc?
It would be V4 on Steroids+ We can always get Serbia and Greece on board.

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>ANOTHER multicultural circlejerk union

BND went through the trouble of setting up that sting with the Austrians because the addition of Austria to such a bloc would immediately elevate it from meme status to a significant threat to globohomo

At least were white.
Imagine if we can get Russia and Greece to join.

Austria already is a member btw.13 countries are.
Thing is at the moment it's all a economic project.

And Donnie Boy seems to love us...he gave us a few Billions.

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>We can always get Serbia and Greece on board.
where's the invite

It would be the Four Seas initiative,with you

With Russia it would be the Seventeen Seas Initiative(How the fuck is Russia so big?)

Oh, I forgot this was an actual thing and not just a proposition. I guess I mean when Austria is more substantively political aligned with the likes of Hungary and Poland

a shame the coastline is trash

>Make Austria great again!!

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I rather go to the Azov Sea than Palma de Mallorca desu

What would the common political goals be?
Because Bulgaria (and for example Austria) have a shitload of Russian cocksuckers. Not to mention Serbia and Greece.

many 3SI variations include greece,serbia, and even other balkan nations.
Also technically the "biggest seas" you're connecting are the black,nordic and medd, not the "adriatic".

Economic i guess.

>(How the fuck is Russia so big?)
It's called conquest

It's the Baltic,Adriatic and Black Sea.
From their own Bio.

the commonwealth of many nations with polish supremacy, I would support it

New "heart of Europe" and buffer between US and Russia ... dealing with both but controlled by neither, at least not fully. Neutral turf. And a way to economically pull Russia away from China again. Would also "survive" the collapse of Euro and EU.

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>polish supremacy

Oh you! :D

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>What would the common political goals be?
preventing a germano-russianic block from forming, that's what both USA and china want to prevent from happening to not have that competition

How about Romania and Bulgaria gets kicked out of EU instead? Maybe memeber states wont leave then. Everything was fine until those shithole nations joined. Europe stops at the polish and hungarian border.

Greece included ofc.

Would be kinda based, ngl. But why would Austria want to be stuck together with those backward shitholes instead of Western Europe?

The idea is centuries old.At this point it becomes more feasible considering the EU will go to shit

Stfu 中国混蛋
They have more in Common with Eastern Europe than you think esp. in History



No, fuck yourself, gypsy poorfag. I'd rather have muzzies overrun my country than "white" niggers.

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Western Europe will take the full brunt of the EU collapse. France and Germany will likely burn and fracture ... plus anarchy and sandniggers turning city ghettos into micro caliphates. We'd likely be meant as a "diplomatic channel" between Russians and Eastern Europeans ... as we can deal with both sides without butthurt.

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Finally a Austrian poster with IQ.Cheers.

>muh Romania and Bulgaria
We're literally 5% of the population of the EU. Retard bongs just use us as scapegoats because that's not racist.

I actually expect good business for me should this all become a reality. ;)

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Google union of the Mediterranean member nations

and what would stop the west from conquering the east?

You having a army with brooms for one.
Plus we are Nato countries and we will lead Russia straight to your doorstep.

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"not globohomo and not russia"

Why would globohomo Germany partner with anti-globohomo Russia

it's a serious thread, take your meme conspiracy theories away from here

Ok: why would the avowedly progressive Germany, who took the lead on inviting non-European economic migrants into Europe and hates nationalism, ally with the modern Russia which self-consciously styles itself as returning to Orthodox traditionalism

Money i guess...For Russia.
Thing is Germany is nothing without the EU...which can and will collapse...soon let's hope.

>Orthodox traditionalism
How does rampant corruption and degeneracy amount to "Orthodox traditionalism"?

Enjoy paying greek bills.