Did you ever find your Ramona Flowers?

Did you ever find your Ramona Flowers?

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Ramona quimby> Ramona flowers

Yes I'm currently in a fwb relationship with her. It's nice since none of us are romantically attracted to each other and I get to try out every nasty fetish I have with her before I settle down with a trad girl in a few years.

too bad she's so ugly

Yeah. She was boring.

She's an easy 7

Ramona Flowers? Yeah, I don't think so.

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reverse the genders, and you'd be seething, Yas Forums

But the genders aren't reversed, cope





holy shit BASED

Never wanted one. Unnatural hair color is a sign of mental illness.

My current gf, used to be a pretty trashy emo, still dyed her hair black.

rent free

>getting mad at your double standards
>yikes, cringe, oof, dilate, and have sex

Probably would have 100 replies as well.
Yas Forumstards create fallacies and wallow in their hypocrisy to avoid the pain of reality.

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>wants a (((trad))) girl
>not 4/pol/

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yep, 4/pol/ and /tvpol/ are unable to refute this

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Who says I have double standards? You're just projecting your Yas Forums boogeyman onto my post.


In a roundabout way, yes. But the charm wore off within 4 months.

Yeah she was just as damaged and cringey as the one in the movie, even had the same face plus some metal. BPD and ecstasy indeed. Glad that phase is over.


why do i want to fuck girls with blue hair so badly

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Let her go.
She's now a 30 year old blonde bimbo with botox lips.


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yeah women and men are different, they are treated differently, for example trannies are treated like street dogs


Nah bro women are free to be whores and I'm free to pump and dump them until I can find someone to settle down with, seems fine to me. Don't see how you get Yas Forums out of my post but whatever.

>faggots cry about Yas Forums boogeyman
>REEEEE and cry "TRANNY" at everyone who disagrees with them

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Stormtrannies cry about trannies all the time, what are you even talking about?

Do girls like that even exist? Would it even be possible to have a stable relationship with someone like that?

I won't be looking for a trad girl online, faggot. You people are so lost you can't even phantom some people don't have an online presence/personality.

Yeah, and I’m cucking her husband lmao

idk but trannies are mutilated clowns
and ramona flower type girls are really fun, until they hit 24

yeah theyre called art hoes now
>stable relationship
3months of fun, period

>implying there any any girls these days without an online presence/personality
>implying trad girls even exist
you know the truth, that's why you're engaging in major COPE by LARPing that you're fucking sluts.

Yes but I let her get away because after getting attacked in public by some local thugs, I became a pussy and too afraid to leave the house. I regret pushing her away. Now its 11 years later, I'm still depressed and weak willed on Yas Forums making this post, and she is married and happy.

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i miss her so much

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Even if I don't find one, then I'll just remain single for the rest of my life and keep pumping and dumping young sluts. You're the one coping by saying I'm larping because you can't or won't put in the effort to do the same.

Yes. She fucked up my entire life.