This is why the world is ruined

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>Do woman have a too high standard for men
no because women have no trouble finding partners. low tier men are just salty

Baldy Is mad hot young girls dont find bald 30 year olds that live with their mom attractive

t.the cuck


Stay mad, seething incels.

t. Not a roastie, not a chad. Just not interested.

Well, what were her criteria?

I don't know these people, but he looks like a chad honesty.

>not posting a link

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Simpin ain't easy eh. She probably forces you to go muff diving in the red sea lmao.

Ok I get what he is saying
>hot women have high standards
>basic bitches shouldnt have high standards
But what about men
>chad has high standards
>timmy has high standards
It goes both ways. Yall ugly people need to realize your ugly and go for what you can get. Too many guys I know wont take the wholesome alright girl because they HAVE to have a bombshell gf

This girl is absolutely hideous, she's a 4 at most. It's always these hideous girls that start working out and think they're the shit once they grow an ass

Who cares? I am satisfied with fapping.

>who cares im satisfied with fapping
>Stay mad, seething incels.

>what is a volcel

Based and redpilled?

Based and redpilled.

I never understood the Incel movement.
dont they have any sense of self-respect? privacy? pride?
so you're ugly; crying about it publicly wont solve anything.
either get plastic surgery like ugly women do or shut up.

that is because as you say you dont understand men "rights" and stuff related movement, so hear me out nigger, realizing female nature, female hipocrisy, illogical dating standards considering what they bring to the table ,etc is not being an incel its simply not being a fucking submissive and beta faggot that while being a 7/10 himself at least will go for fucking female goblins with higher sperm count than their fucking IQ.

Only Chads should procreate. No one is looking forward to a world of weak men. If anything, women should up their standards.

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I dont really give a shit, but Nastassia is about to hit the wall hard, shes only barely containing that fat ass and her face is starting to fall apart, she'll settle soon, they always do. I don't know why its any of this seething faggots business though.


>this level of cuckoldry

>neglect the intellect for aesthetics.
Yeah, okay. We'll eventually just be pretty apes then, shitting on the decaying streets.

How is that cuckoldry?

Is Schopenhauer also a cuck? Is everybody a cuck, who just exist?

>Where have all the good men gone?!
Women party through their 20's then when they're used up they try to settle down and can't find a man.
Women have just as much trouble finding a man as a man does finding a woman.
There are more women than men anyway. So if we paired up people until there were no pairs left you'd have a shit ton of women left over.

>Is everybody a cuck, who just exist?
Yes. If your biology doesn't motivate you enough to get laid, even if by force, you are a beta faggot deserving a bullet to the head.

pic related is you

Dude all you need to do is get a job, save money, work out and have some style. You’re upset that hot women don’t want to fuck you at the drop of a hat. You’re never going to change female nature so stop acting like a bitch

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I think most men’s standards tend to be high. Like men here literally expect their future wife to be a woman without any sexual experiences and things and to be totally submissive.

Too bad a lot of such people are in too high positions to just get them a bullet in the head, Hitler for example.

Implying I'm not a Chad.

based and redpilled

keep telling yourself that

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