*blocks you're path*

>*blocks you're path*
>Hi there, the governor may have lifted the lockdown, but you should still avoid public gatherings like the gym until June!
what's the correct move here

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bitch you aint thick you just compressed

'go make a tik tok video and shut the fuck up'

why does every nurse have such a desperate need for attention?

>letting this block your path
this is your first mistake. like the nurse in OP's pic, 99% of government bureaucrats are weak -- most are effete paper-pushers the average Yas Forumsizen ought to be able to lift up bodily and chuck into a nearby dumpster if they tell you to get back into your house. they are nothing more than a shit test between you and the iron.

probably because it's such a shit job with shit hours

because the hot ones were stacy's in high school and thats where they peaked are too retarded to actually go to medical school so become a nursing asst. in 5 weeks gives them the feeling of importance and feeds their attention whoreishness. the ugly fat ones are bitter and do it basically the same reason

is it true that women enjoy being raped? i heard they do but don't remember ware i heard it but is it tru?

Women are more likely to orgasm during forced intercourse. What does this mean? Who knows.

Do American hospitals get these nice form fitting scrubs because they increase sales of services?

yes just read any fanfiction from teenage girls

get the fuck out of my way you fake horseface whore.

fucking jewmericans..

thanks for the replies guys

>I'll have you know I went to community college for 2 years!!!!! I'm an empowered RN who also has an onlyfans account we can be both

she's probably smarter than you.


rather an incel than some pathetic white knight defending women he doesn't even know on the internet

who hurt you? whats her name?

*tips fedora*

No, it's because they want attention.

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>How about a pubic gathering then, just you and me?
>*flex a 'cep*

Looks like a fucking tranny.

there's only one correct move

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US hospitals don't sell uniforms, people buy their own scrubs. Hospitals have rules on what those scrubs should look like, but people buy what they think they'll look good in. It's common for my female coworkers to wear loose tops and tight bottoms. So much cleavage and hips where I work. Can get distracting.

How to get my NP doctor to be my gf bros...

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>"Thanks, but I don't give a shit"
>Enters gym

>going to a gym with women

>presses x to r-

Offer her sugar cubes and apples in return for your peaceful entry

use her as a freeweight

>Yes, sure, lady, i will avoid the space around you and go straight into your juicy ass. Also can i stay inside it till the June? Its hella warm here.

"go back to tiktok"

why all nurses are hot latina chicks with big ass?

>people buy their own scrubs
Do Americans really?

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For me, size matters not, for my nurse has a good personality and a sweet and caring personality that easily makes me fall in love she has