What excercises does a 33 year old man who missed out on young love need to do in order to bang 18-22 cuties?

What excercises does a 33 year old man who missed out on young love need to do in order to bang 18-22 cuties?

Is it still possible at my age? I'm sick of attracting post wall whores aged 27+ looking to settle down

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The same exercises everyone else does.
Maybe you should've done them back then huh?

Me in the back

Just focus on chest, back and shoulders. Lose weight until you are below 15%. Do some squats sometimes to get an un-saggy ass. That's it brah, happy slaying. Are you tall? It's much easier if you're tall because of widespread daddy complex.

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It’s not too late. I have 10 years on you and am looking the beat I’ve looked.

God I'm so lonely.

ohp, bench press and rows

at 30 you just want to be mostly normal physically and then have a great career

im 32 and dating a 19 year old. you can do it. its honestly as easy as just going for it.

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you must be a pedo

Women that young are unbearable and there is always something off with men of our age (early-mid thirties) who date/bang them.

Nice, get that young stupid horny pussy.

How do you do it? I get it that that pussy must be ridiculous, but isn't every verbal interaction a torture?

>t. seething roastie

Ok fag, except all women you ger than millennials are stupid sluts, and unless you bang a European broad it really doesn’t matter what they think because they are all generic.

What you need is financial gains and you can get a sugarbaby

I'm your age and fit, but I look no younger than 35 and refuse to dress like a manchild. I only attract post wall too. Mostly single mothers my age or milfs and cougars.

>get that young stupid horny pussy.

It's digusting you talk like this. you are probably a closet pedo. date women your own age

its not that bad when you lead the conversations (as you should)

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Post fashion style

I’m 30, dated a 21. It’s very easily doable.

In my early 40s and I just started again after not having done shit since 07 in Iraq. My posture got worse, but I'm doing everything correctly this time and setting the benefits from it.
Fuck it, better late than never

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Fitted dress shirt, jeans, leather shoes / desert boots

Why? You're not doing it, so I will

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I'm 24 and want to date a virgin so she pretty much is going to have to be 18 or 19. What's the best bang for my buck routine/diet approach?

I have some money too(60k) but contrary to what others say I don't see how it helps with anything?


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$30/hr 9-5 to failure

When we're out my friends joke that I look like I just came from the office (although what I wear is more casual than that) or like a "substitute teacher". I don't look nerdy, just maybe too "clean" and boring


$$ 5 days a week until failure
Be a rock star
Be a famous actor
Anthony Kiedis from the RHCP dumps all his gfs as soon as they hit 22 and starts over again

Is $30 an hour good for a 30 year old?

Imagine aspiring to emulate Anthony Kiedis

Depends on where you live. If you're white you could be doing better tho.

Leo DiCaprio refreshes when they hit 25 too.

>mfw 27 and dating an 18-y-o
>can barely keep up with her sex drive
Do kegels and nofap, man

Obviously, you first need to have money and material things. All that zoomer women care about is that “Instagram” life so you need to look good on paper. Physically, what’s most important is that you need to be lean. Focus on arms, chest and back. I met my hot 21yo wife when she was 19 and I was 32.

>t. Upper-middle class roiding boomer

I have sex

>reads what was written
>disregards and interprets how he wants to
So if I said NaCl is vital for human beings, you'd probably just go
>This moron saz 2 drnk clorine! hurrrr

He doesn't actually want fitness advice, he just wants to wallow in self pity in front of an audience like all the other people who post threads like this

Highly depends on location... I make about that from my dad job in central Florida on the east coast. I live like a king off of that but also own an engineering firm and pull in almost the same amount on the side which just gets banked.

Back in the Washington DC area where I used to live, I made $35/hr and pulled the same on the side as I do now and that ($100-105k total) was barely enough to not be living in poverty while providing for a family.

Ultimately, if you want to pull attractive women, you have to make what the average family in your area by yourself at a minimum so that her income (if any) is irrelevant.