How will you choose to live when you know these facts

How will you choose to live when you know these facts.

1. God has assigned you a guardian angel and he reports to God every day telling him how you are doing
2. Your guardian angel watches your back 24/7 and wants you to live a holy fills him with great joy when he can report back to God and tell him that you are crushing it
3. When God returns to earth all of humanity (every human that ever existed) will be judged in front of all of humanity and you will have to give account for what you have done with your minuscule time on Earth in front of everyone. This is whats called the Final Judgment and it will occur immediately after the end of the world.
4. You were created to know, love and serve God...that is your highest purpose
5. Animals do not have real human intelligence just instinct and they were created for the benefit of mankind.
6. You are a member of the Church Militant. You are a soldier here on earth for the Lord. Keep in mind that you should pray for the souls in purgatory and the Saints in Heaven will pray for you.
7. The saints are jealous of you because you still have time to serve the lord on Earth

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I want to be christian user. I really do. It would make me happy. I just don't believe in God and it would be dishonest for me to pretend like I do just because it makes my life easier.

It doesn't make your life easier it makes your life much harder.

Getting into heaven isn't easy. Its a constant struggle. You are literally at war with yourself for your entire life

I think it makes things a lot easier. I'm often at war with myself about what is good and what is bad, and what reasons there are for me to or to not do things. If I could just say "God says this is good and this is bad", that would solve many problems for me.

Ah I see what you mean.

Thats why living under God's law has been called a gentle yoke. Your conscience already knows its good for you.

You should pray God for a belief. Pray and He will give you what you need.

Id tell him to fuck off. Fucking creep, when did i approve of this?
God is such a fucking weirdo: "everyone MUST love me, if not they go to hell" why the fuck would he give free will then? Does he have confidence issues or smtg and needs to be choosed? Thats fucked up, he is fucked up. Id rather be in hell than spend all eternity in such a fucked up arrangement. I don't want to worship a glorified milhouse

It seems like you are ready to take your first steps.

Have you tried praying or attending mass? If you open up your heart to God's grace it will make your next steps easier and you will be willing to make the leap. The seed is already planted you just have to let it grow and God can help with that

You don't have a choice.

You were created by God and therefore you have a certain purpose in life. You can either accept this fact or continue to live in denial.

God is infinite goodness, beauty, love, justice etc. God knows that he is pleasing to behold and so he created angels and humans to enjoy his divinity and awesomeness. Being reunited with him in Heaven is the ultimate experience and he wants us to have that.

He is giving you a chance.

But because God has free will and you were made in the image and likeness of too share the gift of free will that originated with the Father

>You don't have a choice
>You have free will
Even if i were to accept i was created by god amd had a purpose, why should i accept that purpose? Doesn't free will allow me to choose another one?
And eternal happiness or not, i just don't like the guy, he seems full of himself beyond whats humanly comprehensible, and if real, created suffering or made us able to percieve it for who knows why. Overall, not a solid fella, certainly not one id like to spend any time with.
I like humans but i dont like god, what am i supposed to do about that? Guy jist feels like an entitled prick with too much power

Bumping for Jesus to wipe the filth from this board.

Yas Forums is under attack by the forces of lust. The forces of evil know that Yas Forums is always trying to improve itself (mores than any other board) so they work overtime to corrupt you and steal your gains with Thot posting

Self improvement is the domain of the righteous ones

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Amen, praise Jesus

>God has assigned you a guardian angel and he reports to God every day telling him how you are doing
>Your guardian angel watches your back 24/7
I would beat the shit out of that fucking incel creep and feed him to the manlets

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lol your guardian angel would smite you literally with the power of the heavens

You don't have to accept your created purpose but it would be foolish not too.

The job of a screwdriver is to screw in screws. If it cannot do this then it is a bad screwdriver.

The purpose of a human is to know, love and serve God. A human who does not do this is a bad human and then spends the rest of eternity in damnation cursing himself for not fulfilling his true purpose in life.

Your problem from what I see is your own ego. You are not on par with God, you are simply a creation of him. The creation doesn't get to decide the rules. So if you continue on this path you will be in constant rebellion with your true nature and never find true peace and happiness which comes from fulfilling your ultimate purpose.

God is real. You are a created being. God in his goodness has given you some things he will and immortality in the form of a soul. He didn't have to give you any of this but he did.

Use the opportunity God has given you...or not

You guys don't actually believe in god, do you? You do realize it's only a collection of moral stories compiled by rich and powerful men to control the lower classes?

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>still being this blue pilled

Its okay bro we all got to start somewhere.

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You cant because angels are pure spirit.

Not sure why you would want to even hurt the being that is assigned to help you achieve eternal peace and happiness

Then im a faulty human, that doesn't really change anything. And ill gladly accept damnation, suffering is not alien to me, or anyone for that matter.

And I don't care if im in par with god or not, i just don't like the concept of bowing down and taking it, my skin crawls when i think of it. If i have no other choice but damnation ill take it, thats not changing the rules, it's just playing my only card, choice
And free will and inmortality are not really a gift if i have to use them to serve and praise him, are they?
Nice dubs, but we just don't see eye to eye in this. May you never regret your choice

I miss when we used to bully Christcucks and bible-quoting boomers on this website

Christian-recruitment is totally a fit topic, but fuck you if you post a /sig/ thread

fuck the jannies

>God has assigned you a guardian angel and he reports to God every day telling him how you are doing
Why does a supposedly omniscient and omnipresent God need an angel to tell him these things

>If I could just say "God says this is good and this is bad", that would solve many problems for me.
But user, it is that easy

>Fucking creep, when did i approve of this?

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Wasn't Jesus a Jew? Why do you worship a Jew?

He based

I hear an angelic voice laughing. Yep it's pic related

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I am God and so are you

wake up

How the turn tables

Thanks be to God

>God has assigned you a guardian angel and he reports to God every day telling him how you are doing
Why? Isn't God omniscient already?

We are created in his know, love, and serve God...

God the father, God the son, and the holy spirit. Amen brother.