Is this fat?

Is this fat?

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Yes but I would still let her scoot on my dick

No, this is the perfect female body.

A male who is not attracted to such a woman probably suffers from some sort of psychological condition.


Yes, but the good kind of fat.

Same mate. Fat AF but id go for it.

Yes, very.

Yes and it’s disgusting

She's a work of art.

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Yes, that’s obese

I dont know op, why dont you post more pics so i an decide ?

Sitting hides a lot but yeah, that's probably just out of the fertility goddess range.

>ywn be attached by the back of the head to the swing arm of a human sized mouse trap with her fat ass as the cheese and swung at breakneck speeds face first into that flumpy dumpster

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Nah but this is raising my test levels
You guys need to post natural test boosting stages at night when im working out

The perfect female body belongs to an obese middle aged woman and not a slim young one? Ok mate.

>low T

It’s not just overweight, this is obese

Even the babies were morbidly obese. Was obesity a symbol of beauty back at then because of all the famines?

>no T

The same T that had you guys balding at 17? No thanks

based retard

She's fat.

I wanna drop a goopy nut on her fat soft tits and lick it up

Pierce Brosnan

this is obese

>arms bigger than mine
>one leg bigger than both of my legs (I don't train legs because I'm not gay

Fat, yes. Disgusting, no but borderline.

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She's obese



Yes. No question.

Shes obsese but id still impregnate her

Enjoy this lazy disgusting female or else we’ll question your testosterone.

- obese lifters who have given up trying to get attractive fit women

After having 3 kids no , before yes.

That's obese

based architect
the real redpill is to marry a sticc qt and pump her full of babies until shes a thicc milf by her mid 30s

girls who start out thicc just turn into ham planets later

is this Kim?I think that's her name.from/b?