Spit out something like this a week ago

>spit out something like this a week ago
> started poking around with a cotton swab and more came out
> today, poking around more so much came out I almost gagged
> considering removing my tonsils
Any anons with tonsil stones here? How do you cope with this? Is removing the tonsils painful? worth it?

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How do you poke it?

Dont get your tonsils removed, idiot. They are part of your immune system.
Yes, tonsil stones suck, everyone has them, some more, some less. There is special removal equipment on amazon that helps you get it out. I do that too, in front of a mirror with a flashlight in one hand. Removal is fast and easy and afterwards your bad breath is gone for the next 2 days or so.

Tonsil stones are perfectly normal and can not "overgrow" the usually fall out when they become to big. This is not a big deal and you should not get any surgery just because of that. Its a normal bodily function and even though it feels disgusting, it is natural.

I had my tonsils removed because of tonsil stones and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Not only did I get rid of a massive insecurity that was causing me to have bad breath, but my doctor was amazing. He discovered that I have chronically infected sinuses and did surgery to clear those out at the same time

It was based. This biggest QoL thing I've ever done for myself.

Tonsil recovery is not as bad as the horror stores on the internet. Not even remotely.

I get them every so often in one or two spots
>Is removing the tonsils painful?
I just use my finger to poke them out, it may hurt if you push too hard or use your nail
>worth it?
If they accumulate they'll start giving you a sore troath
I think there's some sort of treatment/surgery to reduce the frequency (but this is not something you can completely get rid of)

>ingrown toenails are perfectly normal this is not a big deal and you should not fix them. Its a normal bodily function and even though it feels disgusting, it is natural.

I also think I might have sleep apnea, or at least I think I snore a lot. Will it help with that too? I'm not overweight btw

based, I keep getting sinusitis and tonsil stones too.

Very difficult to get a referral to an ENT though.

Now I’m paranoid I have these without knowing and my breath smells. How can you Tell?

Can't wait to get my sinuses fixed, every year 1-2 sinus infections with migraines.

If you have tonsils you have them, period.

>how to out yourself as sub 90 IQ

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Once in a while one of those things pop up

I just gargle and spit them out, never had my tonsils removed or anything

I think you should only consider getting them removed if it's pretty severe like in the picture or worse. In my case (1 small blob every month or so) it doesn't matter

Those are for blackheads

It took time to get over the gag reflex when poking a qtip back there but in the picture you can see the "flap" or corner to the left on the left tonsil, if you lift that to get behind the corner or push somewhere with a qtip, some might come out. But I first noticed I have this because I have been spitting out small white things that I did not know what were

You're actually a dumb piece of shit.

Tonsils stop being effective as a component of your immune system after childhood.
Tonsil stones are not something you have to accept as "natural". A tonsil stone is a literal bacterial infection caused simply because of folds in your now worthless tonsils. If you have tonsil stones, you have a PERMANENT INFECTION.

Getting a tool to clear them out is a fool's errand. They will come back. And they will keep coming back. And they make your breath awful.

OP, do not listen to this loser. Go to an ENT. Your tonsils are likely inflamed. An ENT will pull your tonsils out without hesitation and now you can enjoy the rest of your life without disgusting sulfer blobs ruining your breath. It is usually covered by insurance as well.

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You are one of these idiots that have their foreskin cut off because it produces smegma. You have to be a big fucking retard do accuse other of falling for jewish tricks. Probably sub 70, sorry for being wrong the first time.

Btw. are you black?

Ive heard people saying you shouldn't get surgery because tonsils are part of your immune system but I haven't felt any change with how often I get sick.

It does feel uncomfortable during 2 weeks. It hurts and you won't be able to eat proper food, smoke or exercise so be ready to lose some weight. But these are minor things compared to not having stones. It's been 7 years and the pain is long forgotten but I can still taste and smell those fucking things.

>Nature made men imperfect, so he can pay doctors to make him the way nature intended him to be.

My fucking sides, some of you idiots probably have their kidney removed for additional weight loss.

>but I can still taste and smell those fucking things.

What was the point in having the surgery and going through all that if you can still taste and smell them?

They must not have done a very good job.

did your things smell much? I have to puth my nose very close to smell my things at all. They smell unpleasant but not horrible. Btw they are brown which is gross. I think it is because of I drink a lot of coffee

Nature made doctors too.

muh nature

I couldn't smell them at first. I could only see them and thought it was rice or something. Then I took it out with a pencil and smelled it up close it was fetid.

>comparing an extremely sensitive set of nerves protecting an even more sensitive set of nerves to a useless flesh thing in your mouth
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imagine if tailbones got inflamed, and caused painful foul smelling minerial deposits all around your spine, but you didnt get your tailbone removed because muh nature
your just irrational

>useless flesh thing in your mouth
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>racism is cringe
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Ive been getting these things for fucking years. I tried to have my tonsils taken out like 5 years ago but the doctors wouldnt do it. I had strep a lot as a kid so my tonsils are completely fucked and full of holes, to the point where they often dont even form stones, but just a kind of semi solid mush. Its fucking gross and im considering going back to see if theyll finally take them out soon.
I've found that staying well hydrated helps mitigate them

I enjoy having a foreskin tho, I would never cut it of. I don't get any enjoyment from having tonsils, and tonsil stones are gross

why do you act like our current state is the absolute last and perfect one?

Am I the only one who can reach their tongue back and push the tonsil stones out without a tool?

Pic related how look when I do it so I dont do it in public

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Personally I always thought it was bits of my brain as a kid.... I like to spit them out, crush them on my fingers and smell them

I never had those, I didn't even know this existed
What the fuck do you people eat? Do you even sunbath? Do you drink water or is the only liquid you drink soda and alcohol?

They happen because you are drinking nothing but soda or juice, which provides your mouth bacteria the fuelit needs to make tonsil cheese. Drink water and you won't get tonsil stones anymore. 0 sugar for the bacteria in your mouth and also rinses food particles which tonsil stones grow around out of your mouth as well. Tonsil stones literally means you are not drinking enough water. Also use strong listerine to melt those bastards away. Has to be strong enough to melt away plaque. Good luck on not being gross user and stop drinking soda!