I mean what is there to lift for after you graduate college and the decline officially starts?

I mean what is there to lift for after you graduate college and the decline officially starts?

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Why do Americans always associate college/college related terms with everything?

Reminds me of myself when I was a WoW addict, and I'd associate everything that happened to mei in life in a WoW related term.

Cause this post is 19 years old user why are you expecting any kind of interesting threads on a Chinese paradox board where 17-22 year olds hang

because in america college is actually fun

Is europoor college really that boring?

What happened to him?


got off roids because he realized the cost of side effects

People take their foot off the pedal once they graduate, any sipericcial reason they had to stay fit is gone, they have no internal motivators to train...

They are getting 1 million in debt for it, it's a big deal for them

What decline? 28-32 is a man's physical prime. You can keep making gains into your 30s. Look at Hafthor, he's gonna break a world record at 31.

As kids we're fed (kek we're americans, get it?) this idea that college is the apex. This is where you learn to pursue your dreams in a career while constantly being surrounded by horny females in their prime. Many of us have to work to put ourselves through school and/or take out loans but enjoy those benefits but there are aselect few who have mommy and daddy's money so college is basically 4-5 straight years of partying and fucking. In other words, many people reach their peak in college so that's why it gets thrown out so much.
Something about the roids catching up with him so he drastically reduced or cut them out completely hahaha

>What decline? 28-32 is a man's physical prime.

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do you disagree with the idea college is the apex?

>i peaked in HS and stopped giving a shit

Most boring, depressing and soul draining period in my life. Went to commuter school, so no campus life. Everyone only showed up to lectures and fucked off afterwards. There were few tight knit cliques, if you didn't know anyone you'll go through uni alone. Didn't live in a dorm either, just had a small room 20 miles away. Every day I would wake up, commute by train, sit alone in the lecture and then go back home into my prison cell sized room. Every now and then there was a party in a pub in the city, but the last trains back home departed at 8pm, so I could never go.

Not an argument

damn F for europoors, College was one of the best times of my life, were the women at least easy?

Almost makes me feel better for paying out the ass for my degree

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Just don't be fat, and get contact lenses.
He'd look fine.

>ignoring the genetic hairloss

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He got fat and gave up. I've been lifting since I was 16 (29 now) and I'm still growing.

Not everyone has shit genetics.

>what's the point of living after muh college!
I wish all zoomers could be killed.


>were the women at least easy
Yes but you can’t be autistic like me

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Yes but I don’t envy americans with their debt at all

Male female ratio was about 50/50 but i never saw any attractive women there. Didnt get along with the type of people there either. Loved whenever I got the chance to go back to my home town and appreciate the people there.

I'm 23, get your shit right

To be fair though, I got the worst experience. Had I lived in the city and known anyone there it would have been fine. Would have had a bunch of house parties, easier time to connect with fellow students and help each other out.

i loved it, puss was so fkn easy to get and the uni towns here concentrate the hottest girls in the country
t. sweden

Frenchfag here. Universities are for the most part boring, especially if you don't live in a big city.

No campus life, as previously said. You show at the lectures, or don't show at all because most of them are not mandatory. You don't stay on the campus because the only rooms you can rent there are old, dirty and narrow room that only poorest people rent because they can't afford a "student studio".

You can try to do the years on your own but i wouldn't recommand that because in case if you are sick and cannot attend the lectures you are forced to rely on "generous" pears on Facebook. In my faculty they would hardly give you the lesson unless you begged for it for days on Messenger, because :
- meh don't be sick
- some guys just don't come deliberately at the classes and want other people do the work for them, and you are basically be seen as one of them in that case
- meh competition, let's throw sands in the wheels

There is a bit of social life aside from the uni life, you can attend to various but few parties organised by students association, but most of them are shit, especially if you don't like sitting for hours in bars to talk about shit, or don't fancy going in shitty nightclub spending your money in beverage.

If you want to have fun during college you don't go in public university but rather in private school, because the students association are very active and creative. But most of those schools are expensive and you basically pay for the degree.

Uni/college in the U.K. is guaranteed a heavier sesh than college in America


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holy fuck, does that mean he's 23 today? And that was him at 20?

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holy shit that guy got DEMOLISHED

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I don't think entering college is as much of a liberation for many europeans as it is for many american students. Most europeans start experience with parties, alcohol and smoking around age 14 and it's not unusual to drink with your parents before you're 18.
Part of the reason why american normies go to college are the parties but for european normies the parties have started long before that so it's more business as usual to party in college

it's May, we get these threads around graduation every year

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Maybe you are right, I remember drinking my first beers and smoking and going to party for the first time at the age of 14, and this was the good time even if i wasn't too much into it because of being asocial.

The girls were going crazy and were so easy but fuck me i was too autistic.

No pump or tan, bad angle for arm. He looks the same