Just eat less

>just eat less
Doesn't work. Prove him wrong.

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i will prove him wrong later but for now you really shit watch this movie please do it
trailer youtube.com/watch?v=L6Gfr0OJODI

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there's always DNP

The lengths people will go to avoid diet and exercise....

I'm going to be sad if there's ever a weight loss treatment that means you can get fit without actually putting effort in and all the fatties suddenly have what I had to work for over years

I mean roids are almost that but not exactly

Sorry but yes "calories in calories out" doesn't work the same for everyone. I've been dieting for two WEEKS and still didn't lose any weight.

>"calories in calories out" doesn't work the same for everyone
it does

Damn, if only the Auschwitz inmates had the genes that prevented them from losing weight via caloric restriction.

These fucking 21st century "doctors" ignore science over pseudo ideology. They are a danger to the public.

Then why didn't I lose weight?

Because you’re bad at math, fatass

Memes aside it does not if you have hormonal problems

He's not claiming you won't lose weight with reduced calories but that the weight loss may be driven by loss of muscle and organ.


Which is retarded and factually wrong. Jews are brainlets

Because chocolate milkshakes are food too.

>300lb man dies a after fasting himself because his body decided to consume his essential organs instead.

Be as mean as you want but your pseudoscience has been proven wrong several times. Calories in, calories out is a meme.

Helped me lose 50lbs, so I guess it’s not a meme. Seethe fatass, enjoy diabetes

Sorry I was mean to you user. I hope you figure out a weight-loss strategy that works for you.

Just because your body is worse at burning calories doesn't mean that you won't lose weight by eating less than your tdee

How bad do my hormones need to be for my body to eat my lungs before fat cells?

Looks good, thank you user

It's happened before but they jsut chalk it up as heart attack.

Yes but thyroid problems can make It not feasible to lose weight this way



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There was a medical case study of a man who tried to fast to lose weight (he was very obese).
He ended up showing neurological symptoms while losing only moderate amounts of fat and the found that his body had begun to eat his brain.

How many calories do you eat in a day? What's your tdee? Cronometer screenshot or gtfo

Pretty sure being very obese caused more damage than trying to lose weight.
Shut up retard

I eat about 1.500 kcals a day. My TDEE is about 2.200 kcals.

You have to go even lower on the calories. Get used to hunger, bud.

If your thyroid is so fucked up you need to eat 700 calories a day to lose weight try doing that while carrying on with the rest of your life
Post body faggot guarantee I look better than you

Thanks for your concession


>tldr; Get a doctor’s prescription for the thyroid if it’s legitimately a thing for you, continue to cut calories (less simple carbs and more fiber is ideal), and drink more water. People with thyroid issues have less of a chance of overcoming mistakes within their diet. Sucks but it doesn’t make the diet impossible, just have to deal with the cards you were dealt

Ok skelly

because its two weeks
at 500 calorie deficit daily it takes 8 days to lose a pound of fat
at 250 calorie deficit daily it takes 16 days to lose a single pound
at 250 calorie deficit with 1 cheat day where you go 500 calories over your total it takes 20 days to lose a single pound of fat

thats less than daily fluctuations and water weight changes from pissing or drinking

most likely you were at fuck all calorie deficit and have no idea how much time and effort it takes to diet well

cico is indisputable, fatties are just lazy, undisciplined, and generally quite stupid

Yea and there's a case study of a man that fasted for a whole year and went from 400~ lbs to about 200 lbs all whole feeling generally good

>your body will cannibalize your brain before using it's own stored reserves.

Please post a link to this bullshit.

Nice excuse, I’m sure you have proof of this even happening- oh wait, you don’t

>>your body will attack itself before attacking a virus
>nah that’s stupid lmao
By your logic autoimmune diseases don’t exist.

>pseudoscience has been proven wrong several times
Studies proving CiCo wrong are significantly flawed wheres studies proving CiCo right are infallible and replicable with a strong reputation from peer reviews.

Secondly, a two week diet is nothing, so expect nothing results. Especially when with a weak diet for such a short period you won't lose enough weight to see your results clearly against daily bodyweight fluctuations.

>Be as mean as you want
Thirdly, you're a weak willed bitch who hides behind false affirmations of your worldview rather than finding out what you're actually capable of. The only truth you've confirmed is your ignorance, and you show it.

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lol. thyroid shit doesn't make your body magically more calorie efficient. thyroid problems can only make it so that you need MORE calories to sustain your body. fucking fatty retards. if you stop eating and stop spending all day on your computer you will lose weight, but it's doubtful you sacks of shit will ever do that. most never do, obesity has only been rising.

it's good for people like me tho, there's never been a time where it's more rewarding to be even slightly fit. when I see you fatties irl it actually feels like you're not even the same species as me.

ok fatty

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That's an eloquent way to still be wrong