They are gonna open the gyms soon bro

>they are gonna open the gyms soon bro

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Homegym...truly was the master race


>tfw gym has stayed open all the time
>only the fucking zumba and spinning or whatever classes are stopped so a lot less normies nad boomers at the gym

>Why yes, I do care about people that have no impact on my life and that I don't know, how could you tell?

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based. I don't give a shit about obese boomers. millennials getting tricked into destroying their futures to save a bunch of people already on the brink of death is truly the boomers last laugh.


Thinking you're grown up because you don't care about things you're supposed to is a zoomer trait

My close family of old age is very important to me you degenerate mongrel

then you should have them quarantine themselves while the rest of the world gets sick

the longer lockdown continues for everybody the more likely it is that the vulnerable get sick, the sooner it's done the better

Man, the blacks and puerto ricans started working overtime on killing each other in early 2020 didn't they? Jeez.

>Haha, just destroy the current and next generation's livelihood so that old retired useless fucks can live another five years

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I said the opposite bruv. if you want to actually save vulnerable people they should be quarantining, not the healthy young people. young people should get sick and build herd immunity. the general lockdown is the worst situation for everybody.

I don't care about old people dying I just want to see the fat ass of the latina milf at my gym again.

You realize people 50+ have a serious risk of dying, especially if hospitals are packed, right? Not only very old people.

If we can afford to shove billions of dollars to Israel we can afford to be on lockdown and keep our people safe a while longer

>people 50+ have a serious risk of dying
only if they have multiple concurrent illnesses, such as morbid obesity, being a smoker, or major heart disease
>if hospitals are packed
they're not

This is literally not true, they absolutely have a high risk of dying with or without comorbidities. Plenty of Americans do regardless, so it’s not reasonable to sacrifice millions of middle aged people for fun.

Also hospitals are starting to do better because of social distancing. If everyone goes out and gets sick they won’t throw them on the street, they will try to treat them, so then people who are otherwise healthy and would have survived with treatment may not get treatment fast enough and instead just die.

Poorfag brainlet if you want to lift that bad buy a home gym

Now THAT'S edgy, good job

>they absolutely have a high risk of dying with or without comorbidities
they don't. read any fucking paper on it retard. 92% of deaths have multiple comorbidities, the median number is 2.7-4. kill yourself.

Then cite a paper. Regardless the rest of my post still stands. Large amount of people will get sick if we stop social distancing and hospitals will be overwhelmed causing otherwise healthy people to die

you just posted cringe, bro

I know you're a retard who can't actually read a paper and won't think anything except whatever fad the media is pushing you

extending the lockdown for everybody means MORE FUCKING VULNERABLE PEOPLE EVENTUALLY GET SICK

if you want to protect the vulnerable you want healthy and young people to get sick so that herd immunity is established, covid does fuck all to you if you're healthy and young (below 65). the general lockdown and "flattening the curve" doesn't change the total number of infected, it slows down the rate for everybody. by not selectively locking down the vulnerable you have no control over the mix and the number of vulnerable infected and dying increases

I know this is far above your head though, what's the use

Where is the source that proves antibodies we make to this gives us immunity?
Pro tip they don’t

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>lockdown just ended today
>cancelled my gym membership anyway
I was telling my friends this was the year of the homegym but I didn't picture it coming out this way.

i love how you doomsayer faggots literally won't accept any other solution if it isn't "lock everyone inside indefinitely until there is a vaccine and then vaccinate every single person on earth" you're fucking retarded. lock the OLDS and the SICK AND FAT inside and let the young and healthy out to keep society and the economy going.

Based as fuck
lmao @ all the butthurt onions replies

>repeating what metokur says
The reason he's doomsaying so hard about this is because he's a NEET with a preexisting condition living off disability. The virus would kill his useless ass so he wants successful people to live in poverty for his sake. He tries to hide it by making fun of people mad at boomers with comments like "WHY DIDN'T YOU PAY FOR MY COLLEGE DAD? NOW YOU MUST DIE!" implying that he's successful but he literally has no skills or real income.

>his country is in lockdown
>his gym is closed because of some shitty turbo boomer killing virus

LMAO. I personally enjoy working from, which is 3 hours day's work at most while having all the time in the world to go to the gym and eat right. Best fucking shit that has ever happened to my gains.

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From home*