Gyms will be closed here permanently for another 3 years unless we find a cure

>gyms will be closed here permanently for another 3 years unless we find a cure

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>what is herd immunity

>herd immunity

pick 1

>perfect time to focus on nothing else but getting as lean as possible so I can do a sick bulk when gyms open back up

>what is the human body doesn’t produce antibodies to this mutant crazy chink virus

did you just base yourself..? Hahaha, that's not how it works user.

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Sorry Virgin, you’re cringe and I’m based. Nice comic, does it come with tampons for your pussy? Lmao

unironically i look better-lookng now that ive been doing bodyweight everyday

What’s your routine mate I can’t think of anything besides push ups and squat

>Let's destroy the entire economy because some chinese ate a bat! We don't need money! Daddy's money will never end :)

What’s the alternative to destroying the economy? Letting millions of people die? Is that good for the economy?

ok i followed this youtuber's routine and hes pretty legit. but unfortunately, my house is a dumpsite so cant do pullups. so i modified his routine

4x20+ diamond pushups and alternate with incline diamond pushups
3xF bodyweight pullover superset with 3xF pike pushups
3x8+ pistol squats
2xF bodyweight leg curls

then i have a backpack full of books for curls. do this if you dont have a dumbell

>backpack full of books for curls
Why did I never think of this. I must be a brainlet

>We don't need money! Daddy's money will never end :)

Technically it doesn't. Governments all around the world have put the next 2-3 generations in debt, why not put another 10 generations in debt? 100 generations? At one point does it even matter anymore?

kek dont worry i didnt think of that too i just saw it on youtube. you can use it as weight too for pushups and i use them for lateral raises


new york has 310k confirmed cases out of a 19 million. Thats 1.5% that definitely had the disease.
If we assume that for every undetected case there is 10 more, you are still only have 15% immunity. Meaning you need the virus to spread this much 4-5 times again to reach the 60-70% required for herd immunity.
Now consider that no city in the US was as badly affected.
The only way to reach herd immunity this year is with nuclear holocaust levels of casualties.

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Thank you user


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Edgy af bro

You’re gonna look back at yourself in two years and cringe you beta

then we are literally looking at a virus that hard caps population age at 65ish
pretty based if you ask me

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shut up cuck

My gym in sweden better be open again next week. Going there for work. Last time I heard from the owner he said they're going business as usual unless he is told to close, but a coworker later messaged me saying there was some shit about closing gyms until the 3rd.
Haven't heard shit from the owner since. FUUUCK
Also hate the work and she is there, probably with a new dude. I think I made a fucking mistake. Should've stuck to lifting rocks. Fucking corona. Chinks must be purged.

Shit's retarded. Would have made more sense to put old people in quarantine and send fatties to fat camp and leave the rest to live our lives as usual.

>You can get the flu many times thorough the year
>Corona viruses mutate all the time
Herd immunity is a meme
And the chink virus is here to stay

Then who produces? Who consumes?
Thats not how economy works nigger

The average age of people dying off corona is 81. Let them die.

Outside of a vaccine does this actually have any shot of ending or is it just gonna go on while the government piles on debt forever?
I'm good atm, I'm getting paid and have a small apt, pullup/dip station, and adjustable dumbbells. As well as a backpack for putting the dumbbell pl8s in for push ups. Still, I just moved to Japan, and this fucking sucks

it will end or we will adapt to it
but nothing will ever be the same again

Theres also no evidence they dont