Oh hey user, are you back from the gym? Nice gymbag hehe. We are going to a music festival, want to come along...

>Oh hey user, are you back from the gym? Nice gymbag hehe. We are going to a music festival, want to come along? It's for fit people only.

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yeah, i'm just going to go to a music festival on a whim... retard

Then why are you guys going?

your one rep max

Beat me to it
Marry, fuck, kill

>remember to breathe

>It's for fit people only
So I guess Numero Tres is not going with us then

Beat me to it
>Now, girls, breathe out

Correct response


Middle one brutally mogs the other 2

2 3 1

Middle’s face is a bit off imo. I’m in agreement with this guy

Are you retarded, or blinded by tits?
She's obviously just as obese as the right whale, you just don't notice it as much because she conceals her arms and pulled her panty up high to hide her flabby, fat stomach.

>asian women

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>dios mio...

Also op this is a webiste for people 18 and older. You must be a prepubesent child or an anti social outcas. This just isn't how music festivals work or rave senpaitachi.

*violently beats them to death*

The one in the right can’t go

Okay. Which one wants to suck my cock first?
Thanks, tren.

Gracias, chicas, pero hay una cuarentena afuera.

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This user has never met a Mexican in real life. Russian spammer or midwestern pol suburban incel confirmed

>It's for fit people only.
why is the fat goblina with you then?

Three ugly gooks
Talking like they're spooks
Ones real fat
The other is just flat
Middle looks alright
For a slant eyed troglodyte
But I'll give them the way
Cos I've got nothing to pay

>This is the power of autism

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>the October breeze chilled my hardened physique, wearing nothing but some shorts and headband and some goofy necklace I got from a friend earlier normally wouldn’t have been the smartest of ideas
>but this was not any standard night, this was my first EDM festival
>I had spent the last 5 months cutting up off chicken breast and broccoli, with the occasional egg here and there, in order to fully reveal the muscle mass I had worked so diligently to grow over the last 5 years
>standing at 6’2” 215lbs and shredded to hell in this cold field fill of dubstep and intoxicated college kids was a surreal feeling to say the least
>at some point Angie offered me a pill
>Here user, take half of this “bean”
>I recognized it as ecstasy
>I made a split second decision of fuck it and took the E, downed it with my vodka RedBull
>turning back to me Angie asked “user give me the other half so I can hold it for later”
>Other half?
>Angie goes wide eyed, she whispers something to her girlfriend and they both smile at me
>You know what dude you enjoy tonight we’ll be close if you need us
>it was bizarre at the time and I didn’t understand, but I later figured out for my first time I was only supposed to take half of this pill as it was one of the stronger ones
>as me and the dykes walked from artist to artist I eventually started feeling the effects of the drug
>lights began to trail, the goose bumped skin from the cold felt almost erotic, and I actually began feeling warm which may have been from dancing in groups of 100 or so equally fucked up people
>at some point some dude gave me a joint that I only hope only had pot in it
>we met up with some other friends, I only knew the dykes so these were knew people to me
>there was a cute black girl that stood about 5’5”, the little sister of a guy in this group of friends that had just proposed
>not 15 minutes in and she bangs to grind her ass on me, grabbing my biceps and feeling my abs

>another RP thread
fuck off you faggots go LARP somewhere else

>I decided I was going to fuck this girl tonight(spoiler I never did)
>after another half hour the group split again with the understanding we’d all meet back up
>while walking with the dykes a 5’2” Angie decided she wanted to see better and asked me to carry her in my shoulders, so I did
>her thick Latina thighs and warm taint were nearly orgasmic against my neck and head, and it took all my power not to spin around and sniff
>to keep from getting lost, her gf Dee held my hand as I walked through this crowd under Angies direction
>we eventually met up with some other rave friends
>thiS group had two fags a nasty looking but huge assed bitch and a cow of a girl, all were tripping shrooms
>I kept trying to get at the nasty big toilet’d girl But she was uninterested
>at some point Angie and Dee went off on their own and I was left rolling balls with this group of shrimped out people I had just met
>fatty must have noticed the awkward tension between me and her friend and she jumped in
>started talking to me and asked what I’m into
>being an autist Yas Forums fag I have the only reasonable answer
>I really enjoy fitness
>sizing me she goes “oh I can definitely tell that”
>about 20 minutes of us talking, sat in the middle of this field she suggests I walk her to the bathrooms
>I oblige, as I’m as intoxicated as I had ever been at this point and everything sounded like a good idea
>we get to these restrooms and she pulls me inside “to make sure no one walks in on her”
>as soon as I’m in though, she starts caressing my chest and abs, she goes to kiss me and in a panic I push the fat bitches head down
>this cow of a girl proceeded to give me some of the greatest head I have ever received, maybe it was the drugs and alcohol, maybe she learned to suck to compensate for being fat, all I know is I came buckets
>I tell her I’m gonna stand outside was she’s washing the nut out of her hair
>I immediately walk off to find the dykes

>For 40 minutes I wandered, no cell reception
>I eventually got overwhelmed by the crowd from the E pill, the joint I smoked, and the 5 vodka red bulls I had slammed and looked for a place to chill
>I spotted a tent full of bean bags with other exhausted people just napping and recovering so I plopped down in there on a bag
>10 minutes in and some thick fit chick gave me a condom with her number on it (pic related, still have it years later)
>another 15 minutes later and the lesbians had found me, they both walked up and layer on my sides, snuggling into my shoulder and chest without a word
>normally I’d have been super uncomfortable and would have thrown my ravioli everywhere, but I was on several types of highs, including the one from the random fat girl blowjob
>I just cuddled with these two lesbians

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>I just cuddled with these two lesbians for what felt like forever, and as I closed my eyes I felt a warm, sensual kiss hot my mouth
>I opened my eyes and Angie was looking at me
>before I could say anything has instructed Dee to do the same
>this both scared the fuck out of me, and turned me on to levels I had never felt before
>I had literally started making out with two hot lesbians who were my friends that I was sharing a hotel room with
>as we kissed I couldn’t but wonder if they had planned this all along shen they invited me and only me to go with them to this festival
>about 10 minutes of kissing and some handsy stuff later we decided to head out
>I felt like a kid who just broke into his fathers porn stash for the first time, I kept thinking I must have blacked out or tripped and hit my head and that none of this could be happening
>we met up with Dees older sister and her bf, both early 30s, and I kind of awkwardly smiled like a retard at them without saying a word, the bf gave me a quizzical raised eyebrow expression that seemed to say “I know what’s good man”
>from here to getting an Uber and getting back to the hotel was uneventful, it was essentially just some quiet waiting

I gotta mention here, this shit happens to me, like random hookups, but NEVER like this and it still hasn’t happened to this extent of craziness since

>it was like an hour drive
>about 30 minutes into the drive the lesbians started kissing again, but then the middle one (can’t remember which it was) turned to me and started to kiss me too
>we stopped maybe 10 minutes before we got to our hotel, and I remember looking into the review mirror and locking eyes with this black dude, hairy as fuck btw, and the devilish look in his eyes and smile accompanying it were just too priceless to forget, as if to say “my motherfuckin nigga”
>The girls skipped to the elevator and as soon as I got inside it was game time
>kissing both of them, angie groping my body and package, giving me and over the pants handjob, feeling them up
>at this point I was undeniably about to fuck my two lesbian friends while drunk, high and all around feeling like a king
>we get into our hotel room and Dee insists on showering (pissed me off but I went with it because I was afraid to fuck up this whole thing by demanding they have stank on them)
>so they both shower together, I shower after and when I come out they instantly walk up at me
>Dee starts kissing me while Angie gets to her knees
>I’m already chubbed up again
>Angie grans my cock from under my towel and says something about it, something about “can’t wait,” and she pulls my towel off and starts blowing me
>I’m 110% hard at this point
>Deedeops to her knees and starts blowing me too
>literally kissing each other with my dick in between their mouths
>Angie starts making Dee deepthroat me
>after a good 10 minutes they stand up and push me back on the bed and we fuck, they take turns of one riding me, one riding my face until we switch to me fighting Angie while Dee eats her and licks my balls

I wish there was more to it than that but I lasted for like 30 minutes max and busted inside Angie. I wish I’d have made Dee eat the creampie but Idk go guess u was overly satisfied at this point. We cuddled the entire night and after we woke up we drove back to our town.