Is it too late to turn my life around at age 25?

Is it too late to turn my life around at age 25?

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If you have a life expectancy of 30, sure

It's literally never too late to change. No, not even at that age that you're thinking of (you)ing at me

Probably, just apply yourself to something and put effort into it. I'mma be 30 this month and have wasted the past 5 years of my life on video games and a woman I didn't love, so try not doing either of those.

Way too late to change your life around, if you are 22 then maybe.

uh oh

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>22 here
fuck brehs im feeling it
literally 0 achievements and 0 dollars to my name
sad really

Just start

what do you want in particular?

>muh teenage love

Is it ok if I got my teenage gf at 18?
Pls tell me that counts

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Yes you barely made it
if you unironically would like to better your life and don't already have a plan listen to this.

skills and achievements which can lead me live a more financially stable life

was thinking army

Just lift the pain away...

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What kind of defeatist faggot saves an image like this

its motivational user

its the biggest redpill out there, do better, and stop putting off life.

i you cant relate to the picture you must be under 20 and hasnt noticed the effects of aging

t. 25 year old

No, you're basically still a kid mentally.

Do you even realize where you are?

wake up

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What if I don’t know what I want to do because I’ve failed so many times before? Time is running out for me

do better and change

How old are you? If you are still in college make the most of it. Don’t end up like me user, pls...

depends on what's wrong with your life

>stop putting off life.
I would fucking love to be literally everything is shut down. So I'll learn some Python to kill time until the Democrat fuckwits running the state stop damseling for federal rescue money.

>blaming democrats for fucking up unemployment money when red states are fucking up worse
oh honey

No. It’s also never too late to stop chasing after other people’s version of success. If you have things you want to do, do them, but do them because you’re following your heart and your passions, not just because they’re what you think you should be doing.

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