Do you really lose 2.5 pounds a day on a dry fast?

Do you really lose 2.5 pounds a day on a dry fast?

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That shit looks hella fake

you can
this guy was already ripped and purposely overate though.
also if youre new to fasting a 10 day dryfast may sound easy but i wouldnt reccomend it.
you probably wouldnt make it

I've been trying to cut down through doing just 2 24-hour fasts a week, going to sleep while fasting sucks, it's like I'm wired awake all night. That said, weight loss has been steady at 1-2 pounds a week without many other changes

guys is 12h fasting enough? with reduced calorie intake of course. cut sugar, bread, high calorie friuts, but kept nannas in cuz potassium

you should do 14 at least to get the real benefits

I've dry fasted a lot, and urine fasted and shit

My experience:

7 day dry fast = 3lbs lost per day
7 day fast = 0.8-1.5lbs lost per day

The thing is that you run out of electrolytes on dry fffasts and you can't re-up them on a small refeed of coconut water and high potassium sodium etc foods

Just water fast, desu. i did 5 back to back 5 day dry fasts and it fucked me up. Made me rebound like a motherfucker because I pushed too hard.

For fat loss, dont worry about dry fasting.
For health, dry fasting.
The "fat" loss is similar, the water will go away regardless on water fasts.

ive lost 1.5ish on omad so its dev possible, I wouldn't recommend dry fasting tho. Shits a meme that will do more harm than good

how do you dry fast without fucking up elecrolytes?

You got maybe 15 days of dry fasting in your body before you can't sleep anymore and your body feels like it's an electrical appliance.

2 x 5 day dry fasts is easy enough. the second fast will be hard as fuck.

I used to have 1liter of coconut water, 4 large potatoes and a chunk of meat for a refeed

I'm 7 hours in for my 7 day water fast, i'm 5'5 and 155lbs, how much weight can I expect to lose at the end after I refeed normally? I'm not going to be working out with dumbells or calisthenics rather just dribbling my soccer ball and skating. Thank you.

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Look at the guys muscle above his knee. pic one and three don't change AT ALL. This guy lost enough bodyfat to bring out a six pack and didn't change the definition on his things one single bit? cmon.

It's likely that for the before pic he just had a ton of food and water to bloat up and make himself look fat

unironically this

It's almost entirely water you morons. A freedom unit of fat is about 3500 kcal. Most of you have a TDEE between 2000 and 3000 kcal. Do the math. Besides the atrophy and fat loss, the majority you lose is due to dehydration. If any of you cucks cut weight for a sport before you would know this. I've lost 11 lbs in 2 hours, it's all dehydration and terrible for your kidneys. Bodybuilders do the same shit to increase definition... carb fast + dehydrate.

You fell for a fucking meme.

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It's photoshopped.

wrong. Cole theorizes that thee are actually only about 600-700 calores in a pound of fat.

>trust me bro, ignore the entire medical community

fucking retard

>some fag has a theory that is completely wrong

I actually kinda agree with his theory. When all this COVID shit started I couldn't get any food because of the panic buyers so I didnt eat for 3 days, and I lost nearly 10lbs and looked noticeably leaner, my love handles went away altogether and an definition increased, but then I hear a lot of people saying shit like the most you can lose in a week is 1 pound

>7 hours in
Why don't you wait until you've done 1 whole day before saying anything.

>When you’re dieting, almost all these interrelated events conspire to lower your daily metabolic rate through a process known as “metabolic adaptation.” As a result, a daily deficit of 500 calories produces slightly less effect on each subsequent day. The difference isn’t big at first, but grows substantially with longer periods of time, producing just 50 percent of the expected weight loss over 12 months.

Some of it was definitely fat, I was still drinking a lot of water so I wasnt dehydrated - so it wasnt all just water weight. Yeah probably half of it was water weight, my water retention definitely dropped from not eating but I'm sure I lost a few pounds of fat, I could tell that just from looking

>7 days without water
How the fuck are you not dead?

>Let me link you this article from runnersworld that doesn't address the argument
How the fuck did you figure out how to turn your computer on

Then we agree. Best guess 30-40% is fat.

Bananas are shit for potassium and have a bunch of sugar. 12 hours of not eating is not a fucking fast lardass. Lurk.

>t. doesn't understand that you gain water from your foods too.