Are YouTube bubble butt workouts a meme? I don't care about summer...

Are YouTube bubble butt workouts a meme? I don't care about summer, just don't want to misdirect my energy into something that isn't going to produce results long-term.

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Fuck off coomer

bubble buts are 99% genetically determined. most of the plumpness of a bubble butt is not from glute hypertrophy, but from fat deposits. and how/where your body preferentially deposits fat is primarily genetically determined. this means that, for some people, ballooning up their ass is a natural side effect of an increase in bf%. for others, nothing they do can plump it up.

you can try to do the standard glute exercises: squats, glute bridges, hip thrusts, donkey kicks -- but you'll never develop enough muscle to produce a "bubble butt", because as I said earlier, the plumpness of the bubble butt comes from FAT DEPOSITS, NOT MUSCLE. you will only end up with a "firmer" butt if you do these glute exercises. firm does not = plump. firm does not = bubble butt.

bubble butt are as much a result of fat distribution as of working out so doing a specific workout for the glutes is not a 100% guarantee thatyou're going to get a bubble butt.


basically, what said.

Most of the fat I've gained through the years has usually been going to my thighs, hips and butt, so maybe there's hope. Thanks, anons!

Also keep in mind that all the pics you see of "bubble butts" are very flattering and in the end are just pics.

b-but then why do skaters have such great lower halves?

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That's not a bubble butt.

because they've been training a lot since their teen years if not before.
And you can still have a nice butt even if your lower body is not as developed.

what defines a bubble butt in that case? another skater

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Well there's really not a scientific definition, but the way I define it as an oversized butt on a small-framed woman

>elite athlete with lifetime of training
>compared to doing booty workouts from youtube

just because you started a little late doesn't mean you can't improve your butt, it's like any other muscle group
pic related was 18 years old in the first pic

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yeah, yt booty workouts are a meme. still, it's not "99% genetically determined" because you can do something about it with a better workout

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Or its possible that good skaters are genetically predisposed to having thicc strong asses, and the ones without the genes for a nice ass don't make it to a high enough level that anyone knows who they are

he is telling you to show an example, not fuckin define it you autist. Holy fuck, are you like this in real life?

>butts are genetic
>implying the girls never do any physical activity
you can tell who is a dyel and who is not. People that actually did sports see it, the dyels can only imagine real life

mega cute

And no, track and field doesn't count you dyels. try volleyball, softball, cheerleading, dance, etc.


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Bubble Butts are pure genetics. It's like asking how to improve muscle insertions.

k lol

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Just hit gluteus minimus and gluteus minimus. If you only hit gluteus maximus, your butt will look square.

was always amazed by her transformation, but now i realize that she was porbably underweight and anorexic in the first image. so simply by gaining weight and having a preferential fat distribution allowed her booty to plump up. not to say that her resistance training didn't help significanty, but it's clearly not all just muscle gain

2016 was perfect

>lordosis progress

>Using a sticc girl as before example

No shit you need some fat.

Say you already have fat butt genetics
What are the best lowerbody lifts with dumbbells to improve it?

And since I gained weight and spent 6 months sitting, I have some cellulite there, how to get rid?

Not me but this is my body type. Is it over?

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