Red pill me on how to wake up well rested every day

Red pill me on how to wake up well rested every day.

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In my experience, sleep when you wanna sleep, wake up whenever, read a book before sleep, do something tiring in the day. Sucks that sleep schedule is usually out of your control with having a job

I’m neet so this might not apply to people with lives and jobs but I found going to sleep before or around midnight and waking up in the morning I feel much better and more energized. Before I used to go to sleep around 4am and wake up in the afternoon. Same total hours of sleep but feel completely different

Have a sleep schedule. Sleep at the earliest 8:00 pm 11:00 at the latest. Wake up 7-8 hrs afterwards, and the same time.
I guarantee that you'll sleep great if you keep consistent and with the right amount

Just go to sleep really early (like 8pm or earlier) and definitely go to sleep when you feel the first sign of getting tired.

be sober, go to bed early, drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up

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No blue light within 2 hours of bed. Wake up at the same time every day. Exercise and eat well. Quit weed/cbd if you use it to fall asleep.

For sure sleep quantity is only part of the equation. I’ve also heard co2 levels in your room have an effect, so some suggest sleeping with door/window open if possible, and also getting some plants in your room

Everyone half-asses sleep worse than fatties half-ass calorie counting/exercise and then wonder why they are not rested.

1. pick a time to wake up (say 6:00am)
2. trace 8 hours backwards (10:00pm)
Now importantly, you need to be asleep as the clocked rolls over from 9:59 to 10:00am, *not* getting ready for bed/crawling under the sheets at 10:00pm. 8 hours of sleep means 8 hours of sleep, not 30 minutes of getting situated/falling asleep and 7:30 of sleep
Like anything else in life, consistency is the only thing that matters. Set a bedtime schedule of, say, get ready for bed at 9:15pm, hard-stop. That gives you 15 minutes to brush teeth/whatever, crawl into bed at 9:30, and then 30 minutes to fall asleep.
But you HAVE to go to bed, EVERY NIGHT, at the exact same time. Saying "lol its hard" just makes me think your a fatty in disguise as you apparently have the same willpower as my 600lb life stars.
If you are not used to it, it will take more than a week of going to bed and getting up at the same time before your brain stops fighting you. Like fatties who work out once and say "why am I not skinny?", you can't attempt changing your schedule once and go "lol I didn't sleep well with the new schedule after 3 days of trying, better give up on it". You gotta stick to it. Everyone has the ability to wake up 5 minutes before their alarm, you just have to be consistent.
Tips: No screens before bed. Read a book or journal 1 hour before bed to wind down the light exposure and stimulus. Use your bed only for sleeping and fucking. Don't lay in bed and do homework/play on your laptop, your brain just makes the connection that bed=activity.

based snoopy

It can help to think about sleeping positions. Try to place some pillows or rolled up towels either beneath your legs or lower back if sleeping on your back, or between your legs if on the side. Think about where your arms are, are you in internal rotation, are you cutting off blood flow, are you putting pressuer on joints or ligaments. If your hip flexors, calves, chest, traps, lats or lower back are tight, it can helpt to stretch them out right before you go to sleep, and start a stretching routine to get comfortable in the long run. This might also point to a muscular imbalance, if you have forward neck posture or hunched shoulders and the like. If you have any imbalances like this, adjust your training to ease out imbalances and you'll find yourself getting more comfortable sleep as well

Avoid coffee and tea and anything which has caffeine in it about 6 hours before bed, this stuff has a surprisingly long half-life. Eat a large meal with lots of fiber for dinner, drink lots of water an hour before you go to sleep, wake up consistently at the same time and activate your digestive system by drinking a large glass of water and maybe eating breakfeast early.

Avoid sleep schedules that clash with your area's natural lighting, like going to bed after 1130 or before 9, and keep your house well lit when the sun is up, preferably with natural light, and make sure you get out at least a couple of hours every day.

If you're stressing out or worrying about something, try to resolve it or at least alter your mentality so you aren't needlessly ruminating about it. Mindfulness exercises can come in handy here. If you slip somewhere and wake up hungry / thirsty in the middle of the night or having to pee, do your business, and go back to sleep. it might take you an hour to go back to sleep, that's fine. Just read or think about something you wanna plan out until your body is calm. I end up doing a decent amount of my life planning in times like that. Don't like, start using your phone or anything like that.

>actually do shit during the day. If you're sitting about in front of your computer all day you're not going to feel tired at night
>no fluids before bed
>go to bed at the same time every night, set the alarm for the same time every morning
>spend an hour reading before going to sleep, not using a screen
>invest in a decent light alarm clock, that shit makes a massive difference to morning grogginess

I have no idea. Thinking about quitting working just because of it.

East facing window crew reporting in.

>waking up AFTER the sun

not gonna make it

>not being so attuned to light that you wake up right at first light.
Stay dark-cucked my friend.

>not seizing the day by waking up a full 30 minutes before the first rays of light cast upon the earth
Keep sleeping in, lazy-cuck

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The biggest secret known to those who make it is that waking up early is an absolute key to success

It's one part of people's lives they, for some reason, give control over to the world around them. Yet one of the biggest accomplishments a person can do is achieve mastery over time. And this starts with seizing control over their hours, and not let the whims of the lazy soul inside of them dictate how to act.

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I was gonna start a thread just like this. I am a craftsman by trade and my work can be 10% better if I am well rested from a night in my own bed

I need 10 hours of sleep to function. Like most things in life it's 99% genetics.


who cares? That means you go to bed at 7:30 instead of 9:30, if you wish to wake up at 6:00am. Just keep throwing excuses user, it doesn't work in your favor. Furthermore, you need less sleep the older you get.

Why the fuck would anybody go to bed at 7:30? What world do you live in?

I can't go to sleep at 7:30 on a weeknight because I'm not a child living with my parents. I have responsibilities.

>still would

>I need 10 hours of sleep to function.

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Lmao anons, triggered much?
I'm 30 and live in my own house with- get this- responsibilities. The truth is, if you haven't finished your responsibilities for the day by 7 fucking 30, you fucked up. You spend your days jacking off and browsing the internet for several hours a day and then go "OH I BETTER DO SOME ACTUAL WORK NOW" late at night?
Stop pretending you fucking fags. If you sleep 10 hours a night, you can shift that 10 hours around and you have the same amount of time awake anyways, whats the difference?
Oh right, it forces you to actually do something with those hours when you are awake in the morning.
Get fucked with your "mah responsibilities", whatever the fuck that means. Your responsibilities to what? Watch a tv show for 10 hours a week? play video games 3 hours a a day? Shitpost on Yas Forums 2 hours a day? Go fuck your excuses, you sound just like fat-fuckers who will never make it because they cry every time they walk 10 feet

Stop projecting. I'm not giving up my social life because some loser on the internet wants me to be more like him.

>definitely go to sleep when you feel the first sign of getting tired.
I would never come out of bed user.

>muh genetics
Imagine being a loser kek