Are black genetics a myth? Most natty black guys from African guys look better than roided white guys...

Are black genetics a myth? Most natty black guys from African guys look better than roided white guys. Pic related is a guy from a dirt village in Africa but he mogs white lifters on huge amounts of test. These guys aren't even taking protein powder/creatine either. Probably just eating rice, chicken and mudcookies everyday. Genetics seem like they're everything. You don't even need a good diet if you have black genes. Why is one race able to become so muscular naturally? West Africans evolved to be runners mostly.

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ghana men r based and white tran shills r jealous they can never reach the natural genetic of the bbc's of ghana

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Roiding is a way bigger problem as a percentage of males than in the West. And even in the West blacks roid more than the average person.

Blacks don't roid often. Especially blacks in Africa. Getting on roids costs a decent amount of money. The only blacks roiding are ones playing sports/bodybuilding. The average muscular black guy at a gym is natty.

Yes they do, in Africa there are almost no regulations around it so it's cheap but also dangerous because it's oftenof low quality and ful of toxic contaminents besides the already adverse effects of taking steroids.

I don't think your ass counts as a proper scientific source

I don't even understand what you're asking. You answered your own questions.

Absolutely not true. You can buy shit over the counter at gas stations there

>africans don't have access to roids
The guy in your picture clearly has access to the internet because the image is online. He also clearly has at least some amount of money because otherwise he wouldn't be able to afford food to be as big as he is. Internet + money = roids.

Africa is very poor but it's not literally just mud huts and shit where they just eat goat, there are cities in africa.

Ghana men get cucked by israelis

they actually get high quality shit from india

I live in africa we dont have easy access to roids as you think

>Inb4 some retard claims all African villagers are on steroids because they are cheaply sold at pharmacies.

You're thinking of Thailand you dumb fucks.

African pharmacies only stock anti malaria medicine.

I think Africans with internet access have about the same access to roids as everyone else with internet access

>everyone on Yas Forums talks about le black bull
>In reality 95% of the blacks from Africa I see are absolute skinny manlets
Remember anons. Memes aren't reality.

Africans( depending on the region) are naturally leaner, they store less fat, they arent really more muscular (excluding american blacks) its just easier to see definition due to lower body fat + dark skin

Plus steroids arent illegal in many african countries and can be bought over the counter

even if they look better they're still black

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Reminder that a Chinaman made this thread

Not everyone in africa is dirt poor and pharmaceuticals outside of the "first world" become pathetically cheap

What do chinks never use themselves in their weird power fantasies? Why is it always black men?

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U idiots who think you can buy roids in West Africa.

It's not like Thailand where they can get cheap shit from their factories.

Pharmacies can barely keep anti-malaria drugs stocked.

post your time stamped bbc genetic enhanced body

Hes old though

This. Been to 8 countries in West Africa, and once tried to find contact lens fluid. Had to drive through 4 (!) countries (!) to find it. Hospitals have fuck all supplies and send you to pharmacies. And even the biggest pharmacy is likely to tell you 'This is Africa man, we don't have that.'

>Internet + money = roids.
Maybe in cities, and that's a big maybe. Even getting goods delivered would be an absolute hassle. There's entire countries where addresses don't exist outside of a few streets in the capitals. There are no parcel delivery services as we know them. You could probably set up something with connections in the right places, but it wouldn't be straightforward.

Staying in one's ancestral homeland gives you superpowers. We should do blacks a favor and deport them all to Africa, and Jews go back to hell.

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They are like orcs

In Thailand steroids are only sold in select pharmacies in the tourist/red light district areas. This makes up

Bullshit. North african crew checking in. Roids are easily available. Where did this notion originate from that we roids are to get your hands on in africa? Inb4 >"muh they dont even have water" yea some places dont have acess to water, but people also dont even have the slightest concept of working out in those places brainlets. If you know your way around working out, you already live in a more privileged african region. Nigger.

roids are easily available over there

See this retardI have access to AAS.

yes it's true, there is no such thing as black genes.
black children are tattooed at birth.
some of them loose their tattoos with age like michael jackson.