Is it possible for women with mega milkers to stay trim? Or do they all get fat eventually?

is it possible for women with mega milkers to stay trim? Or do they all get fat eventually?

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My question too

gain weight
cow wife

How would they even exercise?

completely depends on their eating habits

i'd imagine you need calories to even support those

At what point do they start ballooning up?

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you fags really should go back to /lgbt/

then eat at maintenance.
she's a typical brain rotted by (((hiphop))) culture thot

this is a high school student

too much estrogen

They look really weird on her skinny body

they need to be segregated and given more

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lmao thats how you end up with a massive rise in breast and ovarian cancer

cull the weak. Breed for huged titty women immune to breast and ovarian cancer

Eugenics now!

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Literally built and bred for below average Indian peenor

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this is the thot posting thread, right?

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They can stay slim , but they will sag to the floor

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I'm ok with that. When they start sagging you upgrade to the new model

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I've never seen anyone else get as successful results from plastic surgery as her

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yeah, her surgeon should use her to advertise

Not trying to brag here lads but I've seen her naked

There are millions of successful plastic surgeries worldwide, but you only notice the botched ones.

how much did you pay?

I hear lactation takes up a lot of calories.
We should get them pumping that milk out so their bodies stay trim while we get milkies.

Yeah, they should be bigger.

yeah but i saw her naked first