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She needs to be roughed up by a gang of BBCs

mutts law

ORAORAORAORA stay away thot

why does her face look like that? its like her eyes are too big

im chinese

i'm chinese btw not sure if that matters

i wanna say nice try but its really not
its a shit try
real shit bait user

this is turning into an "every damn time" but for chinese instead of jews. Though I guess the BBC posting is also a jewish thing as well.

Is this you?

the insects are at it again

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She would like that very much

This is fucking brutal, wtf is wrong with asian males?

people dont even try with racebaiting anymore

you do instead cuckboy i'm sure you'd love it

if she is the one trying to kiss me, is it still illegal?

> (You)
> (You)
>people dont even try with racebaiting anymore

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What's this russian up to

File police report for sexual assault and get her thrown in prison.

i want a gf like this bros but has to have the personality of a boy

This girl makes me uncomfortable

Her name is Zhenya Kotova, she's 12.

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Why you got pics of a 12 yr old saved pedo

I'm not OP, nor a pedo and the pictures I save are none of your business, big guy.

This is fucking.. no words

For you

That doesnt look like the same person tho

She has a model's face. But her features will soften a bit when she gets older. Of course by then all the nonces here will have dropper her

What the fuck is this?

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can you guys stop thinking about black cocks for at least a day or two?

How did they makr a cat dance like that?

Be patient, they're mentally ill

omg it's real?

Who is this 18 year old woman?

Yup, crazy stuff I tell ya, here's the non-edited original video.

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So when are jannies going to do their job and delete this thread