/cbt/ - Current body thread

/cbt/ - Current body thread
Post stats and lifts
6'2, 22, 225 lbs. I've been lifting all year and started doing body weight fitness in April. I'm just focusing on weight loss right now but damn is it suffering to not see any parts of my body grow like they were when I was just lifting without caring about weight. Oh well, it'll be worth it.

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Fuck off fatty, Theres already multiple CBT threads.

Ive only been doing push ups a week and have had a more noticeable difference

6'2 27yr old
105kg this morning

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Opinions on my very, very average progress? Started mid January with some calisthenics and CICO.

>83kg to 75kg

Havent been consistently working out. The first month waa good but then uni tests arrived and i got stresses out. I also injured my hamstrings and rotator cuffs so I haven't worked out in over a week.

How long till i look good? Ive never seen my abs.

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It's hard to lose weight when you're above 6'
1lb a week (Fastest you can do without losing muscle) going from 229 lbs to 224 lbs isn't that much difference.

Posted in last cbt but at the very end so reposting. 6’1, 164. Been lifting for around 6 years. I’m not not very heavy and lifts aren’t very high but I’m happy with my progress. I’ve maintained a fairly low body fat and just worked up to 164 from 140.

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>6’1, 164
How is that even possible
OP is obviously fatter than you but not "sixty pounds heavier" fat

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6'01" 165 lb.

Have consistently lifted for about 9 or 10 of the months that have passed since I started. Only really sorted out my diet a few weeks ago. I still have a-ways to go, but I'm getting there!

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I'll cut you a deal slick, if you post body and lifts and are stronger or more yoked than me, I'll hit the road.

If not - stay mad, bro.

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5'11, 165lbs

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You look significantly better now. Good progress considering you started January. Can't say I know how much longer you have to go though, I'm not an expert on it by any means.

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I’m pretty thin man. Like long. Maybe my pic makes it not look like that. Not sure about the comparison to OP. Looks like he has a decent amount of fat in his abdomen/waist area.

How the hell are you people all within three inches with a range of like seventy pounds
There's some slight variance in arms and abdomen but no one is like super fat so wtf

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Differently built legs? For those who didn't post them. That's one thing I can think of. Otherwise idk. Ik I'm 165 I weighed myself today (I'm )

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5'10, 163lbs all lifts are shit now

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70kg 5'10

Crawling out the skelly cage, starting to see mass.

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