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This website
Converts your face into an anime one via neural network bullshit. Some turn out fairly well. Others not so much.

I want to see the faces of fit.

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Nano machines son

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>website ran by a chinese corp
Nice try Chang.

Fucking kill me

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Hey ur cute

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Cabareru-kun is my waifu

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>Hai domo, Jefu Cabareru, Ashurin-Ekusu dottu komu desu!

Furingu taiyado? Yoi.

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It makes waifus, not anime characters, it's supposed to be a female face you upload not male which is why most faces itt don't get anything besides some definition.

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Lol what

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Dunno why it makes my head so short. My face takes up whole screen.

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Yeh but like
funny anime picture desu