/coomer humiliation thread/

for some reason, it gives me great motivation to do noFap when i see pathetic coomers

post coomer humiliation

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based, coomers have no place on a board that is literally about dedication and self control

Hello based department.

Fuck coomers.

about to coom before sleechange my mind

Imagine being so far gone into the cooming depths that you save scat images on your computer, and people say cooming is not fucking harmful

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Fuck em all. Coomers are pathetic. Imagine wasting the purest form of life energy on random internet whores being fucked by another dude! Not only is that gay as fuck but disgusting.

found the simp
remember, the only alternative to cooming is simping

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Coomers are as bad as NoFappers

I’m speaking from experience here, as a genuine porn addict.
Porn and hentai, as well as masturbation, is a slippery slope. One day it’s big tits, then it’s full blown porn, then it’s interracial, then incest, then gay and tranny, and then you’re into the true darkness.

>Imagine wasting the purest form of life energy on random internet whores
I get your point tho, the sex drive is one of the most powerful engines the human mind has, and these losers are just spinning it to watch it go.

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never in the history of the human race has a secure and high self esteem person felt superior to another

Which coomer board is the most pathetic? I would say /d/

False. To call the pursuit of all pleasure with women simping just means you are a coomer who cooms because he can't get laid. The answer to you is complete abstinence until you find a good woman. So you lack the ability to procreate as easily as other specimen, stop the cycle of laziness that is started by cooming, and improve yourself. Leave pleasure behind

Regarding nofap:
>had a crazy wet dream today were I was fucked by a 10/10 black succubus
>didnt fuck me until nutting though, blueballing me IRL

Swallow the nofap pill. If you can’t get laid IRL you can in your dreams

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>the pursuit of pleasure with women
stfu nerd faggot

/gif/ by a mile

The lives of the saints have determined that was a lie


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>only alternative

Spoken by someone too weak to consider abstaining from all pleasure in general.

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Nofap makes me more of a coomers. At least when I coom I get to have a clear head for a while. Nofap is just constant horniness until busting, what a waste of energy.

Name one hobby you have
>fitness isn't a hobby
>abstaining from masturbating isn't a hobby

This is what happens to me too

I’m the dude who’s a genuine porn addict, I’m not even on NoFap right now. But my main hobbies are video games, tool / weapon restoration, cooking, and music.

How is weightlifting not a hobby?

>coomer humiliation thread

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Making shitting memes and gardening

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what are you insinuating bro?

>deals with extremes
cringe tf is balance you fuckign dip?

There is no such thing as a simp who isn't also a coomer

>fitness isn't a hobby
but watching anime is, huh kid?