Looking back, they weren't actually bad games, just flawed

Looking back, they weren't actually bad games, just flawed.

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They need some form of remaster so they can be played without the touch controls. Or at least have normal movement and attacking.

pc remake so you can play them with a mouse

phantom hourglass is one of my favourite games and the touch screen controls are perfect to me

I've always wanted to check them out.
How's DS emulation?

The touch screen controls were no problem at all, they actually added to the gameplay.

ST is genuinly a good game. PH just suffered from having to go back and forth in the same boring Ocean Temple, which is a flaw that affected the entire quality of the game.

spirit tracks is unironically the most underrated zelda game, it suffered from being associated with phantom hourglass

it has one of the best osts in the entire series, the train was akshually fun, some items were brilliant (the sand rod) and new hyrule had some neat themes like the under the seas train ride

only the actual trains werent fun

>Play them with a mouse.
That would be hell.

> the actual trains werent fun
they were for me.

This user is right. I went back to SP recently and was surprised at how fun it was. And I think it has my favorite Zelda incarnation of the series, especially since she is pretty active in the game. Having her as a companion and playable character (albeit limited) was great.
They are 50/50. On one hand I love trains and don't mind playing those sections but on the other they get pretty repititive.

Spirit Tracks has the best final boss theme in the series

Dungeons are way too simple and PH suffers fom the temple of the ocean king.
But I've always like them, they're full of charm and it's nice to draw on maps to solve puzzle. Fantastic OST too.

>play game on the touchscreen where you have to touch it to play which blocks your view
How can game designers be so fucking dumb?

Fixing the controls wouldn't give PH a good soundtrack, or good dungeons, or good bosses, or fix the Temple of the Ocean King. Nor would it give Spirit Tracks a good overworld, or a good fast travel system, or good sidequests, or rid us of the flute.

hands are too big fatty?

Worked well enough for me that I didn't notice anything.
The mouse works fine for movement and all. You'll need to configure the mic button key if you don't have a mic. There is also a puzzle which requires you to close the DS and it's much harder to think this way on an emulator so watch out for it.

Haven't tried them, but there are already hacks that make them playable with more normal controls.

The first one was great, I remember having a ton of fun playing it.

Post wrists

Haven't played Spirit Tracks, but Phantom Hourglass wasn't bad at all. The problem is that vast majority of people are too smoothbrained to adjust to any control scheme that's slightly unique.

Phantom Hourglass had some control flaws to it, but overall had a good story, absolutely excellent character development in Linebeck, and sailing the world felt veey unique on the DS. I'll always remember that part about closing the DS to mark your sea chart with the island's stamo, shit was innovative. I think it's an underrated gem in the Zelda series.
Spirit Tracks was dull & godawful though, the train track traveling sucked and those sections where you had to blow the flute barely fucking functioned properly.

>ynr remember blowing into your DS like a retard to play the flute

phantom hourglass is great, the touch controls work like a charm
except maybe for the final boss

spirit tracks on the other hand...
I can't believe there was a time people though this game was better than PH

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oh spirit tracks was definitely a bad game
both had exceptionally boring level design too, and neither had more than one or two decent pieces on the soundtracks

these games had some of the best characters in the franchise though

I don’t know why PH gets a bad rep. It’s fun and has good unique puzzles.

Uh oh PH apologist and their shit taste have arrived

>Do the same fucking dungeon like 30 times.
yeah i loved that! wow! so cool!

You mention Linebeck but don't point out ST Zelda

Can't believe that ST with all of its flaws still manages to have the best Zelda incarnation in the series.
Why can't the namesake princess be this fun always? It's like the only game (if you don't count Tetra) where Zelda had an actual personality that can't be described in a single sentence.

No. They were bad, dull games.

>playing spirit tracks on a flashcard
>get to the final spirit flute duet
>there is some issue with the mic pickup only during this duet, not when playing normally
>makes it impossible to complete
Still mad desu. I have my save but I don't think it's possible to beat.
Really wish they let you opt to use a button instead of the microphone.

there was a romhack that allowed for the use of select button for mic and d-pad for movement

They need remakes more than link's awakening did

>thread starts with ST praise
>transitions into hating ST and praising PH

I'm watching Yas Forums contrarianism in real time holy shit