where the hell is the new episode?

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Are Accel manga sales so bad that it needs to shoehorn NT Touma (Accel shouldnt even know he wears this) so people read it?

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Am I supposed to be impressed? If anything I’d look for an excuse to look away so I didn’t have to see those dollar tree brand lower class panties staring back at me.

Can we really trust them to carry an entire SS?

Only Mikoto can
Only Moloto can

New visual

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How is that new? I’ve been seeing those girls since 2001

New episode this week

But they're in winter uniform now. You've never seen that before.

So boring and OOC

Shouldn't be that hard. Look how good Itsuwa's SS is despite how bland and boring Itsuwa is.

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I forgot..

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Post GT predictions

I'm going to put my limited knowledge of japanese animation techniques on the line and wager that they aren't going to CG the dragons. Generally, they do CG when it's something that is really hard to draw on-model consistently AND when that thing appears a lot. It's not worth them modelling every single dragon for what is going to be, at absolute most, 30 seconds of footage. Based on that, I think they're going to hand draw the dragons with the possible exception of the Angel Dragon since they will re-use that at least once. They could even be thinking ahead even further to Jailbreaker, since they'll be able to just dig the model out in a few years time and re-use it. I'm not saying it'll look good by the way, just that it's going to be 2D. Tanaka Yuiichi apparently drew webm related, so there is some serpent-dragon experience on board and I'm sure Aoki could kill it as well if he's not stuck on Gunha duty. Feel free to quote me on friday to laugh at me for being wrong.

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mikoto thighs as thick as my dreams

>Are Accel manga sales so bad that it needs to shoehorn NT Touma (Accel shouldnt even know he wears this) so people read it?

For a second there I thought Touma was sitting on the bench in NT9, and he's the exact same post to boot.

So I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

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CGI is used not only for things that will be used a lot but also things that you want to skimp on. Totally depends on how much effort you're putting into the CGI or how little you want to put into the drawing.

weeew lad, that’s some stick fucking dreams you've got.


Mikoto gets too close to the AAA core that she does Aleister's possibilities spell

No god on his back should be a pretty easy give away that it's not NT9.

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I'm doubly excited for Rakko now that I know she shares a voice with the best girl of 2019.

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Every day I spend here it gets more obvious that no one knows what they're talking about

If it's something they can just buy a model for (i.e. cars, buildings) then that's true, but they're going to have to either comission or model in-house 7 different dragons (the heads at least, they could cheap out and stick them all on the same serpent body) for a very small amount of footage. That's the opposite of skimping.

Angel Dragon is probably still going to be 2d in the Dream Ranker teaser; it did nothing but just appear in the scene it showed up in.

Should they play an insert song for the Dragons?

If you make a shitty enough 3D model, it's still skimping

The Frog Doctor is the Deus Ex Machina for the Accelerator Manga and can solve all the problems himself.

To bad that even after 46 volumes in the main series and multi-spinoff we still know nothing about him, beside him and Crowley being the two people who found/made AC.

PSI Missing would be cool as fuck, but they'll probablty just play the current OP.

Touma is comatose for 3-4 volumes after a near-lethal dosage of blackpill, leaving Mikoto, Index and Othinus as the main characters, and for a short while, the sole actors against Anna as they try to find a cure for Touma (the whitepill). Tsuchimikado later attempts to guide them on the path to victory, while Hamazura deals with the breakdown of law in Academy City as Accel refuses to leave prison and do his job.
Kuroko gets another volume too.

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But it wasn't good until the weeb

Accelerator will get conclusions for his relationships with the clones, Touma and Mikoto.

By conclusion, I mean "this is how they'll be pretty much for forever", not conclusion as in "he'll never see any of those people ever again"

I'm not sure if he'll get the same type of ending with each character though. For example, he may end up clearing the air with the clones and having a happy relationship with them, while getting a more distant and disconnected relationship with Touma and Mikoto. He might end up more friendly with Touma, but more distant with the clones and Mikoto. He may end up friends with all three, or distant with all three. Who knows? But whatever the final verdict is, we'll get it in GT.

You realize that whenever you post an image of Kuroko that nobody reads your post right? They’re just looking at Kuroko.

Depends on if they're able to model things in house or outsource them, you're right that they could just get an intern to whack some spikes/fire/wings/crystals/horns/snake bits on a unity asset store dragon head if they've got an internal modelling team but if they don't the outsourcing cost will probably mean that it's better to just draw some shitty looking dragons.

With how much CG JC Staff already does casually as is I'd be shocked if they had to commission every instance of it.

No but madness itself could carry the SS.

>Accel refuses to leave prison and do his job.
Accel doesn't have to leave prison to do his job. Aleister literally only left his tube once or twice.

I can think of a couple of situations where Accelerator either has to leave jail OR do an even bigger "lol I hope it works out" gamble than he did in GT1

Seria and othinus save the day

There will a battle in the central of Touma's mind because of the Black Pill

can you blame them?

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>smug and smugger save the day through a series of events that require no super powers and simply lots of planning and INT.
Would be fun.

A true war between Magic and Science happen and the whole would learn that magic is real.

My prediction is that all predictions will be wrong save a rare few that were on a correct path but still fell short. Like they always are.

Hamazura and The Magic Side VS Accelerator and The Science Side because of Rikou being use to complete Crowley's Plan with a Level 5 Shift on her. Touma, Kamisato and Fiamma will be stuck in the middle of the all out war.

Index in John Pen Mode that she can control will fight Mikoto in the AAA

Touma and Accel will be written out of the story for a while, Kamisato and Mikoto will replace them in that time

Some point in GT will be the halfway point for the whole series