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kev sub-edition

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cut from the same cloth, emmett and i

I assume that due to the corona panic someone used said cloth as toilet paper.

and that's why they called him the jannyyy

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>em, emm, and emmy

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imagine being locked down with her

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why does he walk towards the camera

Remember that apocalyptic movie about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?

Hammster doing a live pub quiz on yt later lads

I would funnel her shit down my dick hole

A little weird that a lot of the donations charities receive are usually from working class. I find that odd and interesting at the same time.

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think my laptops got the 'rona lads

Do any of you lads living in Essex need a job? The pay isn’t bad.

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Would you really though.
Would you actually do that act that you've just describe.

didn't get the message the FIRST fucking time?
*steps on your bollocks*
*punts your cock*

So a real life prefect if you will.

iz quizes any gooz?

Mad how much money my council has.

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Imagine being a property investor right now with a lot of the prices crashing. It would be absolutely unreal

cannot stand the part of pub quiz where they play a short clip of a song then ask what it were (hypothetical subjunctive)

>a calm and assertive manner
Well that's me out.

>onlenynfawrngig thank you NHS
What did they mean by this?

The Irish phenotype

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don't want kids because I just don't think I'd be able to effectively provide a good quality of life for them, and given the way the planet's going I'd essentially just be dooming them to suffering further down the line

Be kind

for me it's a hysterical and passive-aggressive manner

Business Idea: OnlyFans for nurses

She is pleasingly plump

bit rotund
wheres her chest gone?

The planet was always on a downward spiral. Your job is to just give those kids the greatest happiness they can.

yes. I just answer 'the jews' to every question and more often than not I'm right

The visions dancing in my mind
The early dawn, the shades of time
Twilight crawling through my windowpane
Am I awake or do I dream,
The strangest pictures I have seen
Night is day and twilight's gone away

Genuinely looking at cock cages on the internet. I’m not a tranny/femboi whatever and I don’t believe in female superiority or anything, just the idea of being horny and not able to do anything about it really turns me on for some reason. I have no idea what to buy though.


My red-pilled toilberg has said that next week’s early bank holiday is because of VE Day and therefore only colleagues who can prove their Anglo ancestry can have the day off.

Loads of my colleagues are kicking off. Absolutely based.

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listening to the new drake x

I am half good


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Doesn't make much sense considering the Soviets beat the Germans.

dad ur ballbag is getting really close to my moutghlngggmmnppMLFFGMMH!

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Horror short story idea: Haunted retirement home

Pretty sure Stephen King hasn't done this idea yet


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well /brit/?

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god i wish that was me

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any socialist man it?

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Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2
Interracial Anal Sluts 5

shocking effort by are sue

after many deliberations I have concluded that this image, is in fact, funny to me

Most films I've watched in a single day is around 10. I can easily binge TV series but I find watching films far more exhausting for some reason if it is back to back

The Soviets without American armour supplies caused by the Royal Navy and British and Polish intelligence from Bletchley would have lost at Stalingrad and the whole of Russia would have fallen to Germany.

Mad how WW2 was fought by the empire and not just Anglos

>training day

terminator 2
the mist
die hard with a vengeance

>Letters and Numbers

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the thing

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Losing another small margin trade aaaaaaaaaa

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imagine putting ur williard in her mouth cor

who wants to rim my hairless twink arsehole?

Problem child 2, electric boogaloo

ffs not gonna hear the end of it now

False the victory of the Red Army was inevitable the moment Hitler failed to destroy it in a single decisive attack in 1941.