What is tinder in your cunt like ?

what is tinder in your cunt like ?

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Pretty similar to any other country I think, women are basically the same everywhere.
They all like "adventures", traveling and some sort of 'cool' food like pizza, pasta or whatever.
9/10 women will have a picture of them in a bunad, and usually a group.
The ones who try to pass themselves off as more alternative and 'edgy' will have say things like "choke me daddy" and make an attempt at being self deprecating while still being cool. They usually look like your pic related.

>women are basically the same everywhere.

set England as your location

I'm banned, what's special about britisher slags

she's not finnish

? she looks uralic enough

Man we really have completely culturally colonized the world. Bleak.

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she is too white

Maybe we'll live to see the chinks do it as well, might be a nice change of pace.

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Holy shit, most bottom right is from my hometown.

If you want a quickie and don't look like a cave troll it's alright but don't expect much from the match.

Otherwise not a whole lot of interesting finds except for tourists and or the occasional good looking nympho.

Jesus didn't know that norwegians were that ugly

user, message her "haista pitka paska", you will win ehr over

We're actually a lot uglier.

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Her neck is way too long to be finnish
Finnish necks are short, which is an archaic feature

There was a perfect video where Russian girls hunted Asian boys using a tinder and humiliated white guys
But unfortunately it was deleted or closed :(

Dibs on, these bloody tasty norwegian cuties are for me.

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wtf these women actually look like women in 2020

None of your fucking business, dude.


It's suffering

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Every girl looks like AJ Applegate. Fuck.

>having to use tinder
lmao its [current year], just be yourself and you dont even need any of that nonsense
by being yourself i mean being tall, rich and muscular
that is literally it
just be tall, rich and muscular and girls will start talking to you in the street or nightclubs or where ever you go

so final reminder: being yourself (tm)
be tall
be rich (cars, suits, watches etc)
have a at least a bit of muscle


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It's Chads hunting ground

A bunch of dirty anal whores
All of them take in the ass
And swallow

I don't know. I don't use Tinder or talk to women.
Normalfags please get out of Yas Forums

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99% of people here don't know what tinder is and I don't know it even works in this cunt.

A lot less slutty. We don't have girls putting shit about anal and BDSM in their bio or showing off their tits. The slutties you get is a girl posing sideway so you can see her ass in jeans. Also, we rarely have these goth/quirky/alternative types, which is unfortunate because those make my dick hard the most. A lot of girls leave their bio completely empty, so couple of photos is all you have. And half of those who write a bio, write it in English because they're cucked by Anglo-global culture.

Some genuinely look to date, while some look for just sex. The ones that write "NO ONE NIGHT STANDS!!" are usually the ones looking for one night stands but they want you to be pushy about it until they give in.

finland seems to have the best girls

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