I ate pork again

I ate pork again.

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>noooooooooo you can't eat meat mixed with dairy products
why do Jews hate tasty food?

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Will you go to jew hell or something

Ancient knowledge protects them from diarrhea

but to be fair Jews have some tasty dishes too
pic related is my favorite I've tried so far, a delicious stew
Hummus and Falafel are overrated imo

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>Dad: You shouldn't eat pork. Dirty meat for dirty degenerates.
He said this with a glass of beer over some gambas pil pil in Spain.

pigs are disgusting creatures but damn, they taste so good especially in chorizos

Ilive in 4th world
>no pork
>no rabbit
>no deer
>no non-kosher stuff so most tasty imports from the world don't exist here
>no kfc
>haagen dasz only in 1/20 supermarkets

you have gay parades but you aren't allowed to eat pork?

come home brother

This is fine except last one, sucks

What is a typical everyday meal in israel

>no rabbit
Literally one of the cleanest edible animals.

Do people in Lebanon eat pork?

Falafels are Jewish? The more you know.

It's ok OP. It's kosher if you don't let it touch your tongue.

Yes,like 40% of the population is Christian, but many Muslims eat pork as well.

Europe-tier. Very based.

No, pigs are cute and intelligent and actually practice hygiene.

Never had any Jewish cuisine. What's something that's easy to make?

>MANY Muslims eat pork
Thats disgusting. Lebanese people need to reevaluate their lifes if thats actually true.

I don't think it's forbidden(like deer), just doesn't exist here.
I wish, I'm EVROPEan at heart


You don't know what you eat everyday? Are you dumdum?

>not the heckin' porkerino
dude you eat the inside, not the shit and mud covered skin.
That's not what you asked, I don't know what others eat generally.
I eat rice, bread, cheese(hard/cottage) a salad every day, omelette, chicken breast and sometimes cook fancier stuff

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I think they're just Middle Eastern or Levantine in general

>Pig eats shit
>Human eats pig
>Human indirectly eats SHIT

>all living creature have shit inside of them
>humans eat living creatures

what's jew hell like?

nigger it really isn't that hard to get non kosher stuff, it's obviously not as easy as abroad but it's not like you have to look too hard.
I just ordered food and ticked the "extra bacon" box.
real talk though, swine meat outside of bacon sucks, it's like the white meat in a chicken except all over.

no because you don't eat intestines and stomach, you eat muscle. dumbass.

But not all living creatures have fatty and unhealthy meat like pigs do.

All meat have shit particles. All of meat.
Have you ever been to a rural farm? Have you seen how cows eat their own shit? And you still eat beef

>bacon and pork is the only kosher thing
thousands of products, even chocolate and stuff. if you don't pay bribe to the local rabbi to examine the food and get a stamp it will not be present in most supermarkets here.