Welcome to /celt/, the general for the Celtic nations and peoples of northwestern Europe.

>Alba (Scotland)
>Breizh (Brittany)
>Cymru (Wales)
>Éire (Ireland)
>Kernow (Cornwall)
>Mannin (Isle of Man)
>Friends of the Celts

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I like Ireland because they are reviving the Gaellic
Do Highlander Scots speak Gaellic frequently too?

Are Celtic boys cute? Can they give me a gaylick?


no. gaelic is extinct in Scotland outside of the Hebrides.

Scotland literally means Gael land.
Even Robert the Bruce used Scot in that context.

Why use the Celtic names for all of those? Wales is the only one who uses their own language to any significant degree, the overwhelming majority of the population of the rest all speak English, or in the case of Brittany, French.
An average Scot has far more identity with the name "Scotland" than he does with "Alba"

Celtic brothers, how are you handling the epidemy ?

Here, very well.

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very based

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rip galicia

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Portugal is celtic

Those borders are stupid and galacia hasn't had welsh spoken in it for over 1000 years.

is there a big Celtic revival movement in Brittany?


Yes, we have lots of breton speaking schools

Celtiberians spoke a Q-Celtic language you utter retard

t. Parisian

I'm breton m8 you can't call people parisians just because you don't like what they say

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Are there people form Cornwall here? Or welsh-speaking people?

The people in galacia spoke welsh after the welsh arrived during the anglo-saxon invasions.
And they did but the language isn't related to Gaelic other than the both preserved one sound.

are there any english cities who are friends of the celts?

Sorry for the dumb question. But, are the northern English similar to say, the Celtic populations of the British Isles, whatsoever? Or has there been little to no overlap between the two.

Alright lads. Fat Welshman over here. Don’t call me sheep shagged, right?

I'm welsh speaking

>Welsh-speaking people

based Liverpool

Ti'n ddod or gogledd, hogiau?

>are the northern English similar to say, the Celtic populations of the British Isles
No more so than the rest of england. Which is to say, very similar.

Continental Celtic.
We don't associate with insular subhumans.

dwi'n byw nghaerdydd

>me in ibercelt but all my culture and langauge is latin-moor how could you tell?

Dwi ddim yn hoff iawn o caerdydd i ddweud y gwir. Fysa ti erioed symud i rhywle mwy cymraeg?


How much of a text in Breton would you understand? What about cornish?

Some words but it's unlikely I'd be able to understand a whole sentence

probably not much, but the again I'm welsh second language and I haven't spoken it in years because everyone in uni is english or international, and my parents don't speak it

Not much. I got a bloody C on my Welsh GCSE. I only know like five Welsh words lmao

I got a C in Welsh Language but a B in Welsh literature. Haven't read a book in Welsh since school though. My vocabulary has really gotten rusty

dw i eisieu llaeth sioclaid

Pam? Mae'r haul allan heddiw. Fysa lemonêd yn gwell