what am I in for?

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it's alright
no hallucinations tho (but maybe I just took to little, I dunno)

how much you taking lad

the 4th dimension my nigga

a permanent wiring of neurons in your brain that at some point in the future will trigger a hallucination

I am really keen to try drugs, but people around me said I am already high

Depends on potency and how much you took.

It won't curr your autism like some people say. I tried.
It's fun though

My favorite thing to do is listen to music in the dark. I think Rock And Rule would be a great trip movie but all I can find right now is a shitty YouTube rip.


I wish I knew where to get that shit

you can synthesize it yourself, but I wouldn't advise that as you can easily harm yourself, even before you take that concoction.

i thought i will get a "deep" experience but it was just seeing funny stuff

i saw the road bend upwards 90° and smoke stop mid air when i took half a tab
honestly way too intense and i recommend simply not taking drugs and having a nice meal and a walk instead

I've never heard anything about psychedelics curbing autism, what sort of argument did they pose?

how much u took? in mg?
here is some music for u


>what sort of argument did they pose?
>duuuuuude this thing i'm taking does stuff to your brain meaning it'll probably cure anything brain related

I had a panic attack once when I took acid
>i recommend simply not taking drugs
yeah probably. I always take drugs when I'm with my friends because that's what they do. It's kinda fun but too often that I'd like I get an uneasy feeling.

ah, the famous peer dominance of individual behavior

First time I tried acid was during our high school party. I got three tabs from a friend, had no idea what to do so I took two. Felt nothing for a couple minutes, took the last one as well.
The rest of the night was a kaleidoscope of color mixed with loud bass heavy music and random 20 second long panic attacks.

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LSD's goal was originally to cure autism, but then the project stopped because government said so and today is what we have

best with friends. when i took it, i felt as if everyone in the room was in perfect harmony and i could *almost read their thoughts. it was as an extremely emotional experience, desu.

also colors seemed a bit more vibrant, and the night sky looked absolutely gorgeous.

Don't expect it to be entheogenic.

nah fuck that shit man
u should do it at comfy places
i took first time at friends apartment (shitty ass apartment looking more like crack den)
as soon as it hit me i wanted to leave them
and went for a night walk at -20 degree
i was strolling around moscow state uni for about 4 hours and it was nicer then sitting there

it's a false pursuit, no tangible experience, it gives you nothing other than an illusion of transcendence. it's the equivalent of a mental dutch wife

Why not?

litreally hell and PTSD for years


think for a second how you imagine lsd to be. Its nothing like that.

Expected a stereotypical response like this. Not putting down the response, I do believe there is at some level truth in this, but stereotypical DUDE SUBSTANCE LMOAOAOAO... nobody completely embodies that. (

Oh and uh, I should probably mention that I've never taken hallucinogenic substances in my life, nor do I plan to in the future.

I don't; I recall reading it somewhere before but I can't find it.
I did however find this

they did experiment with LSD on autistic children in the 60's
>While this resurgence of research has not yet included children with autism, this review of the LSD studies from the 1960s and 1970s offers important lessons for future efforts to evaluate new or controversial treatments for children with autism.