What were Finns doing before Swedish colonization?

They must have had something going on.

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we flinged shit at each other, stacked rocks and ate each other

they mostly collected things from the forest floor and occasionally sat on small animals

I guess they had been doing some sauna stuffs.


sex drugs n rock n roll

A dutchman wrote about finnish cannibalism anyone have it?

Farming land, hunting, fishing.
Practicing philosophy, having tribewars.


Also, I never knew that the finns were that south in Sweden.

Nobody knows, becaue they did not have a written language.

We BBQd the hearts of crusaders and ate them. The vägi was in the heart.

They became the victim of lebensraum. Nature is brutal that way.


They never were. It's a meme map

Classic Swedish revisionism

Yes we did.


You truly are worse than Russia

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Ooga booga. The Swedes civilized them.

Many things including
>created ancient egypt
>created the roman empire
>founded russia


Fucked our sisters, lived in the woods, the good stuff. Until wypipo came and ruined our lifestyle.

read ior bock's stories to find out

There is an account by vikings who went to investigate Finland. As they landed, crazy people came out the woods with spears. A thing to note was the many "witches" that cast spells (cursed). Vikings didn't really bother with Finland because people there lived pretty sparsely and humbly and even then reacted aggressively. It was a miserable place where you could only get hurt by some random witch.

befriended the rus and traded squirrel skins for weapons

worshipped BEARS as GODS

Novgorodian influence?

Distilling the precursor to amphetamines
If the swedes hadn't stopped them we would have had meth heads as early as 1200 AD

this, the russians and swedes brought them civilization

Reminder that the Sami didn't even reach Scandinavia until around 500 AD and didn't make it south of Trondelag until the Modern period

SJWs are trying to force a false narrative that the sami are indigenous to scandinavia when we settled the area long before them.
They think that just because they are the minorities that must mean they were here first, but they don't know shit about our history
The blue places in pic related are the only places where you, to some degree, could argue they belong to the sami

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breddy spooky place

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gay sex