Would you rather live in Czechia or Slovenia?

Would you rather live in Czechia or Slovenia?

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sLOVEnia :)

i thought they were same country


How do they compare?

Czechia. slovenia should get annexed by Hungary

I'm so far away I really don't care

I know about Slovenian boys, but how are Czech boys?

what's the difference
seriously not even memeing, what is the difference between any random eu 2nd class citizen nato country #123123 and #321321 ?

>probably very similar quality of life, living costs, salary, crime rates, etc
>probably similar effort to learn some random useless language with very limited no# of speakers
>probably the same broader politics of the country, being a marginal vassal state of a much more powerful and sovereign nation
>would probably have to move out of them anyway, if i ever wanted to have a serious life and do serious work (aerospace/nuclear/strategic/military sector), neither of these countries are allowed serious military or serious space program or serious industry, only actually sovereign nations get to have these

all in all, both are equally unimportant backwater states lol

meh, I'll just stay here

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Center of Prauge looks like a larger version of r*jeka with more tourists and people are degenerate
Ljubljana looks ok with still a lot of tourists but less than Prague and people are slightly less degenerate
But I would live in south-central Slovenia either way




then why are so many of you here

mate i dont even know where slovenia is on the map
dont you have some sort of cops or borders or whatever? how are you even a country if you cant handle undesirables?

also it seems our government is encouraging criminals to just fuck off abroad than waste money themselves and overcrowding prisons

Almost had them as well

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unironically more of you know where slovenia is than slovenes know where serbia is, otherwise you'd all get lose before you managed to get here

why are you acting like niggers??

>sucks at everything and being proud about it and act tough

gooks, gypsies and black people working at fast food who'll give you food poisoning (jej)
Italian tourists and ńĆefurs (Serbs in Slovenia are much nicer and more educated than the ones we have here)
Slovenia wins in every way

slovenia because for next to italy and based wine

Slovenes and Czechs literally destroyed LMAO


my father told me a story of when he went to get a haircut in czechia and the barber lady saw him and asked where are you from and he said bulgaria and the barber lady said "you can't be from bulgaria, bulgarians are short and brown while you are tall and have blue eyes"

>gooks, gypsies and black people working at fast food who'll give you food poisoning (jej)
saw only 1 negro outside of the capital
99% of asians here are vietnamese, and they dont cause problems expect growing grass and selling fake goods
gypsies are fair point, we didn't gas enough of them

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Slovenia, since we will annex it soon anyway.

Well, I mean...

Since they are just northern and southern Austria, I will just here

I want my fucking tunnel.

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>probably very similar quality of life, living costs, salary, crime rates, etc
You're wrong about that one, quality of life is noticably different between Slovenia and Serbia.

Slovenia's location is better and I feel like they're not trying to out-faggot Sweden unlike Czechs

>out-faggot Sweden unlike Czechs
Are they very gay?