Honestly there should be only 2 slavic states with only 2 languages - serbo-croatian(yugoslavian) and interslavic in...

Honestly there should be only 2 slavic states with only 2 languages - serbo-croatian(yugoslavian) and interslavic in the north

Imagine how much more prosperous the entire region would be with unified legal code and no more billions of useless meme languages

Imagine how much business would benefit how easier it would be to do business

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There should only be three though, corresponding to each Slavic division.
Arguable extensions perhaps Bulgaria (with NM) due to its unique history of Turkic LARPs, and Ukraine due to its possession of Kiev. Belarus can join Russia but Siberia must be independent.

expect latvia and lithuania should be part of your shitty soviet union part 2 too.

I would suggest just nukeing the fuckers and getting their oil.

Slovenians will never speak that inferior language - that's the reason why we never picked it up despite always numbering 1 - 2 million - it's inferior to our language

How different it is to Slovenian?
How is it inferior?

With only one language and one goal we could be prosperous.
Obliously Russian is the only choice here.
But people will never give up their meme languages and small benefits from the west for long perspective.

Agree. We must unite Slavs at all costs.

>Poland, Czechia and Slovakia in the same group as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


East/West Slavic connection would benefit them in big way.

East Slavics would be close to the West Slavic productivity while West Slavics would get access to the raw materials of Russia and fertile land of Ukraine.

Imagine chosing you meme language and be poor rather than speak a proper language and be rich. That's the ideology of the balkans - proud nationalists destroying their own countries.

Oil also big land, lots of nature, fertile ukrainian soil, lots of benefits. Especially if everybody speaks the same language (which they should)

>Imagine chosing you meme language and be poor rather than speak a proper language and be rich
literally only poor people speak Serbian

yes, it is like what Slovenian children speak

I'm talking from purely linguistic perspective.
Obviously unification is almost always beneficial.

>only poor people speak serbian
like... croats.

Very subjective and unlinguistic.
If anything, the low number of Slovene speakers makes it the less prospective language.

unfortunately yes, the parts of Croatia speaking Serbian are the poorest

Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, all speak one language. Cope.

Serbocroatian is grammatically and phonetically simpler than Slovene though it does have a wider vocabulary

>Imagine chosing you meme language and be poor rather than speak a proper language and be rich.

we're the richest slavic country LOL

You all speak Serbian, dummy dums

modern standard Croatian is Serbian
also "Serbo-Croatian" doesn't exist
it's Serbian or Serbo-Bosnian

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You would be much richer. Also Czechia is the richest slavic country.

Slovenia is literally geographically Austria and should be at its level yet its not even half as developed. It would be if it wasn't such a nationalistic shithole and properly join the Slavic santitation program and stop speaking this dialect of serbian

Kek, 21st century panslavist OP

The differences are negligible.
Americans and Brits make fun of each other daily but they don't consider their dialects different enough as separate languages.
It's because your petty nationalism.

Pan-Slavist means Pro-Business in Slavic

why? We're not slavic

they are the ones speaking Serbian, of course it's the same language
honestly sthokavian is even closer to bosnian than any anglo dialect is with english

Why are you still in Poland, Sergii?

You and Latvians are Northern Slavs tevhnically

Do you want Yugoslavia back?
What if it join EU?


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>speaking this dialect of serbian
if we speak a dialect of serbian, then you speak a dialect of russian

>Northern Slavs tevhnically
are you retarded?

No, just mistyped
And you ARE northern Slavs, even the linguists agree

All of Slavic languages are memes, but there is not a bigger mistake than calling south languages a different languages. Slovenian, Croatian Serbian, """Bosnian"""" """"Montenegrin"""" languages etc. it's just a fucking joke.

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Please stop making these cringe threads

Yes, Slovenian is the proper way of speaking South Slavic whilst all the other languages have been corrupted by the Turks.

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Is Slovene that different though?

our languages are somewhat similar due to contact, not because they came from the same family, you utter nonce. Our languages are one of the oldest in europe, while your languages only came about ~1000 years ago. Genetically, on the other hand we're totally different from you. Also culturally.

Then maybe a reformed yugoslavian with removed turkish infuences would be the option to speak?


>Corrupted by Turkish
Says the guy whose language even lost the Slavic word for Easter

it's different enough not to have been a party to the Vienna Agreement of 1850 whereby Serbocroatian was formalised and neither was it subsumed into the common language of Yugoslavia over 70 years, so it must be

the Slovenian word for easter is Slavic - vel(i)ka noč

>hair style on thumbnails
Jesus Christ

>similar due to contact, not because they came from the same family
Dude, there is a literal balto-slavic proto family you retard.

but both zgoščenka and kondom are Slovenian words, wtf

Rude. Unexpected trash talk from Finland.

You got a point.
But don't you feel tiny and alone?

kondom prihaja iz angleščine, hrvati uporabljano neki udna tuljica a neki tazga

Slovenia is full of Serbian and Bosnian immigrants anyway so the working class speaks Serbian more or less regardless of origins

>udna tuljica
I always hear these meme words from Serbs and non Croats mentioning how we are inventing new words while I never hear them in Croatia
That's Samovoz tier

It's actually a speculative theory. I see how our language families could be related in a distant past, but the same similarities we can point out with Hindi language and Latvian or Lithuanian