Bulgaria applied to join the Eurozone

Bulgaria applied to join the Eurozone

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They are welcome

Why? Why do they want the living costs to rise?

this will balance the budget

Welcome, brothers.

sounds good unless it somehow fucks their or somebody's elses economy, but I don't understand enough about economics to have an opinion on that. It's based that you can travel around Europe without having to change currency.
doesn't have an influence on the EU budget, that is paid regardless of the currency of the member state.

what will it change? what has the euro currency done to benefit southern euros in any way over the past 20 years?

Bulgarians will have even less reason to stay in Bulgaria.
The country will get more and more depopulated so land prices will fall.
Then the politicians that decided this can buy vast amounts of countryside for themselves.



>It's based that you can travel around Europe without having to change currency.
what a shitty argument is that

bulgaria should really think twice about this

I'm not sure how to feel about this.

literally the only reason given is "well we can get more gibs to recover from the corona recession this way"

I think they will also join Schengen before us at this rate.

There was a thread yesterday where Euros were saying that the Euro stinks and it sucks. But obviously it must have advantage over Bulgariabuxx. Show a little gratitude, Euros!

We fulfilled all the Schengen criteria 10 years ago. We will never join because it['s a political decision. Schengen probably won't even exist soon

Bulgariabuxx have been pegged to the euro for 20 years


hummm no comment

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>Bulgariabuxx have been pegged to the euro for 20 years
And still Euro is better than it. That why you want to switch, right?

So basically we applied to join a queue for the queue for the Eurozone. At this rate it would be optimistic to expect this will be finished within the current decade, if it even happens.

We don't want to switch. Our politicians are telling us we're switching


current decade ends this year

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who voted those politician?
I can't believe that all these politician are really going behind Europeans backs and setting up a Euro that nobody likes. Someone must like it.

Current decade just started this year bro.

Don't worry, our economy is so small that even if we completely collapse nobody will feel it. And our debt is really small

So you guys are going to leave eu soon ?

>who voted those politician?


>who voted those politician?
illiterate gypsies who sold their votes for 20 bucks a pop

All you need to leave EU is just a simple majority vote, EU couldn't even make it a 2/3 vote. All it takes is one bad year and a country can randomly leave just like UK did after the whole migrant crisis.

EU should make it a 2/3 vote at least to leave, if not a 4/5 vote. If it allows voting on it at all, when Southtards tried to leave USA we kicked their ass back in.

>We fulfilled all the Schengen criteria 10 years ago.
Technically so did we. I guess these political decisions and tied to the economic one so it might help.
>Schengen probably won't even exist soon
Seem a bit pessimistic. Things have to recover.
>Bulgariabuxx have been pegged to the euro for 20 years
Didn't know this.

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not sure it's a good idea.

Nobody in the country trusts government institutions including the central bank so whenever someone mentions removing the euro peg and controlling our own currency everyone screeches like mad. So currently we have all the negatives of having the euro but not the positives like really low debt interest and more transparent bank oversight.

wtf bulgaria dont do it

Bulgaria is a nice country they will be ok

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>Schengen probably won't even exist soon
Not soon enough desu

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great now i can earn 450 euros a month instead of 900 levs