Why are spaniards so brown?

The girl is pretty, but looks like a moroccan


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>painted in face
>painted on muscular definition

Not getting a tan in summer is quomite the incel flag, people worships tanning. The reality is irl this obsession for being white doesn't exist and pale isn't considered attractive.

spain is like a desert

I'm talking about thr girl on the video

i want THICC spanish kween

China is like a shithole

t. Insect hive that spawns a human-targeting disease every three years

Worst group of hominids ever, and that’s saying something coming from a mutt

Only half of it.

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Moroccan genes improve their females' looks, see France

what is it like to have no winter? i wonder

I don't care where she's from, all I care about is her crushing my head between thighs like a watermelon

No winter in Spain, lol. You veli chinese -.-

Wich one is the spanish

is there? there is no snow in that burning dry heat of spanish.

They're berbers

Bad thread, man. Why do Mediterranean people who enjoy the sun and view tanning as a sign of good physical and social health look so tan? Also, what's that big bright "ball" in the sky?

>Imagine being this stupid

The most arid parts of Spain are usually also the coldest parts of Spain.

Rain makes the weather mild.

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What's up with people liking these massive thighs women? Just picture this fatty legs shaffing as she clumsily walk, not attractive.

unf thiccccccccccccccccccccccccc

I want to see her cock so badly

but i thought spain is next to hot desert of africa

Climate depends more on a region topography and nearby marine currents that its latitude.

And China literally has a desert inside its own borders.

Spain is close to Morocco, but most of Morocco's climate is pretty Mediterranean. The desert only starts south of the Atlas mountains.

Oh and btw, it also snows in Morocco.

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yellow americans

literally american but yellow and thirdworld and with a life of shit

it snows in africa? imagine being so stupid. spain and surrounding area is so hot

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The Inner Plateau is just arid,but it´s not the fucking Sahara,just open grassfield that dry up in the summer
On inner Spain winter temperatures can easily drop to -20ºC and in summer it goes up to 40ºC.

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>Uses the climate of a COASTAL city

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>it snows in africa?
Yes you absolute mongoloid, the Atlas mountain range in North Africa goes up to 4.167m in elevation.
Do you really think there won´t be snow on those regions in winter?

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do you wish you have snow? the snow outside my house every winter is so beautiful and calm

that is such high altitude. is all spain like that?

It shows at the equator too. If only you saw it