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rorke is a stupidhead

Sir Rorkealot

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I heart janny

leftypol smells like doodoo

leftypol discriminating against people based on their appearance

rorke the type of nigga to listen to coldplay


Rorke goimg for a picnic but it rained lastnight so the ground is damp and it seeps through into his trousers and also his sandwiches taste rubbish

Oh no he mentioned my dead dog it's so edgy I'm crying

nah i have strong art ho vibes from my drug use which has numbed me to the majority of life


>leftypol discriminating against people based on their appearance

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>his sandwiches taste rubbish
My mummy made them so they'll taste great.

Welcome to megacity England

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I like the aesthetics of Barry Lyndon and seeing such a rare time period cinemised is great but Jesus Christ people love to jack off Kubrick for it. At the end of the day it was a very long, boring and meandering movie with nice and pretty shots.

leftypol not tying his laces and now theyre all wet after standing in puddles

SO HAPPY megan lost her case

Hope they divorce and harry kills himself

holy based


rorke got a bit of a B O problem

rorke flailing at screaming uncontrollably at the sudden mysterious appearance of a monolith (a sony TV with the amazon logo on it) in his mum's front garden

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Look at this dumb wop

rorke peels the crusts off the bread before he eats a sandwich

Very true, it was proper gorgeous looking film though, those long zoom ins were great

literally losing chess to the ai on the easiest level

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leftypol making a rorkepost 30 words long


Yes mate I'm seething that you're a sad act so desperate for belonging that you try and fool people into thinking you're something you're not, give your head a wobble you cringe case

is this based on population? Thought London would be higher

NEED 80% of England's population removed

Rorke keeps all his passwords in a txt file

rorke idiot

It's probably his finest film.

rorke bringing his soiled jeans back to next trying to get a refund

Disappointed we only got to see half of maisie williams arse in game of thrones

dunno how you could be bored watching Barry Lyndon

leftypol refuses to eat potato skins

Who ever writes the shortest post is obviously a better poster. R

What case did Mutt lose?

business idea: instead of using the word 'rorke' this thread, we use the word 'user'.

rorke thinking payday loan is free money

leftypol throwing fits over the linguistically correct use of the word "niggardly"

Rorke uses the £1 imperial lather shower gel

>It's probably his finest film.

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Leftypol getting shagged up the arse in the school bogs by the History teacher

maisie williams paid me £150,000 to castrate me over a period of 4 days

Mum said I'm weird for eating a kiwi like an apple. Says you should scoop the innards out with a spoon wtf

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Leftypol beating his meat to cartoon characters

How many Fast & Furious are ther e now lad?\

rorkes mum in tears in front of a turkey as once again christmas dinner is ruined by her unruly son

leftypol washing out his recyclable coffee cup with original source vegan shower gel

leftypol doing the weekend's chores early so he can play fortnite all day uninterrupted

Leftypol doesn't use any shower gel

Rorke saying 'beating his meat'


Don't be Lonely /brit/


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rorke covering a Sunday roast in ketchup

Anyone who after the 20th century still thinks that thoroughgoing socialism, nationalism, imperialism, mobilization, central planning, regulation, zoning, price controls, tax policy, labor unions, business cartels, government spending, intrusive policing, adventurism in foreign policy, faith in entangling religion and politics, or most of the other thoroughgoing 19th-century proposals for governmental action are still neat, harmless ideas for improving our lives is not paying attention.

Any good games about space exploration that arent mass effect?

Know a guy that took out loads of them and never paid them back haha

I scoop the innards but me mum says you should eat the cover too

leftypol chose bulbasaur in gen 1

Might wank to Angela White

She’s a buxom lass

Sasquatch feet

no arse

cannot comprehend why any person would ever purchase an ebook
downloading them is easy as piss

Goddamn Vikings are fucking mega cringe these days. Knew of a couple who had a "pagan" wedding where they exchanged swords as well as rings and everyone was drinking out of horns.

alri lad hahaha

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Hes hacked the system

Leftypol getting beat up by the doorman when a bag of ket falls out of his pocket

Leftypol crying

rorke wiping his bottom with a leaf

talking shit, shit talking man.

that sounds fun though.

Download DS9 software and explore space for real

lots but none of them seem to do the whole "fly your ship but also get out and walk around" all the best ones seem to do one or the other or have an isomentric view or something. Of course there is always Star Citizen but i'd be wary

Leftypol's name's not down and he's not coming in

leftypol strolling through East London to pick up with wog speak

More than 3/4 of posts on this thread hitting filter. Wonderful!

Rorke goes on holiday by bus

Leftypol in the morgue

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just you and me lad
bit steamy innit

leftypol turning a blind eye towards gangs of south asians raping and abusing thousands of children across the country.

Leftypol listening to Stormzy unironically

no lol they're all fucking shit

leftypol celebrating friday with a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle

rorke out on a limb


Rorke and Leftypol? It goes back and forth


leftypol doesnt clip his nails

Lockdown just got extended aha x

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Leftypol refusing to say nigger when singing his favourite rap songs

Rorke getting furious about Rorke posts and trying his hardest to make really offensive Leftypol posts as a comeback despite all the Rorke posts being lighthearted jokes

Almost cut my hair maaaaan,
It was getting kinda long

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rorke taking ages on his turn in scrabble

Anyone else been keeping an eye on Star Citizens progress? Not gonna buy it for a loooooong time yet but the technology they've got in it is already actually looking pretty mindblowing