Girls on Yas Forums

>Girls on Yas Forums

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>there are women with bewbs and all lurking on this board right now think about that for a second

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Stop trying to draw them out, incel, they won't date you.

>Stop trying to draw them out, incel, they won't date you.

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There actually is a lot in the culture pals general

You guys think she's here right now?

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What are you going to tell me next? Trannies post on this board?

>I'm not like other girls.

I hate women so much it's unreal

Don’t you miss aidsychan?

i do

Is she like boxxy or something

>Girls on Yas Forums are half of the gay posters

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Are you gay at least

MASTARbeet @__@ for me chinky
@__@ @__@

I remember there used to be some underage amerifat chick that lurked the norway general. Bitch was weird, obsessed with messy hair and mermaids.

hey, incels

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>Yas Forums is full of guys

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man hand.

Odd angle, but okay.


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I don't know how to post pics from phone without them getting rotated

No Girls Allowed in Fort Channel

No such a thing, sorry. Girls are doing normie stuff and living their life.

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fuck off Girl
No girls allowed in Yas Forums!!!!!

G*rls are normie creatures, the only thing that they know online is Instagram or MAYBE reddit. Usually they prefer to tempt chad men or to do other normie shit than to be in a place like this thus why g*rls don't exist on here and I clearly can't be a g*irl

>tfw if not for kike brainwashing I would've had a redpilled nazi gf right now
Why did you create liberals, the most useless and annoying creatures on the planet.

inb4 The Pedo shows up