Why is the island nation so special and Based?

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special like olympics

you mean autistic?

t. non-islander

shut the fuck up gook

Wtf based

Isolation ‚Čí sovereignty


t. cope Non-islander


Imagine inbreeding both cultural and genetic.

with exception of the uk, i sympathize with every island nations.

Cope Russian(Non-Islander)

Technically we all live on an island

another cope

we are not

Aren't you guys the ones who shit about the lack of some islands

Biggest cope post

Although, both Japan and Britain have the similar geographical locations(both countries are island nations and have continental neighbors which brings culture and civilization, China and France), they have very different mentality. Japanese are autistic and their mentality is often described as oneself-and-others-unseparated. On the other hand, Brits are very realist. At least they look so in my eyes.

imagine being a c*ntinental

But Bruce, you are a continental.

Technically you are a continent. You are the continentalest continental here.

technically you are one

Russia has more islands than you can ever dream of.

what, they aren't, they are part of oceania, which include other nations, I thought?

holy shit that cope


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Not only special but also comfort like pussies of their women impregnated by BBC

So If USA hypothetically unite both Americas under one flag then they are automatically turn into an island nation?



>island continent

>island continent
Continent + Continent = island. Oke.