Baldest countries in Europe. Is your country on the top 15 list?

Baldest countries in Europe. Is your country on the top 15 list?

1. CZECH REPUBLIC- Taking an unenvious lead at 43%, the Czech Republic has most number of bald men, making it the ‘baldness capital’ of the world.

2. SPAIN- The Spanish men are almost equally plagued by baldness as the Czech and naturally look for hair loss solutions.

3. GERMANY- Baldness is a matter of concern in Germany where almost 41% of its male population suffers from it. Opting for various hair transplant procedures remains their only hope for now.

4. FRANCE- The balding rate in France is alarming and impacts 40% of its men.

5. BRITAIN- In Britain not even the royal family has been spared by baldness. With the balding rate as much as France, English men suffer equally.

6. AMERICA- Not very far behind Britain, Americans are on the constant lookout for baldness treatment.

7. ITALY- Italians are not as severely impacted by baldness as the Czech but a 39% balding rate means lots of bald men!

8. Poland with 38.34% bald or balding rate

9. Netherlands with 37.93% bald or balding rate

10. Canada with 37.42% bald or balding rate

11. Russia with 32.39% bald or balding rate

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Baldness is a meme. You can just take Minoxidil

>Dad has full head of hair at 60
>Both grandpas were bald by 30
>Hairline keeps creeping back
This wasn't supposed to happen, fuck you dad

Then there wouldn't be any balds

How old are you?


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What kind of diet do you have?

more like minox is a meme

me at 25 r8

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>4. FRANCE- The balding rate in France is alarming and impacts 40% of its men.
I'm the 60%

Idk what to call it, I eat a lot of meat, rice and beans. Other than that there's a lot of grains and some bread.
I stay away from sugar as a general rule, other than that I don't really have any guidelines for what I eat as long as I get enough protein and maintain a calorie surplus.

Dude balding is 100% genetics. I know people who live on cigarettes, alcohol and sugar with full hair in their 50s while shitloads of healthfags lose all their hair in their 30s

me at 19

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Dad is completely bald, I'm in my mid 20s and have always had the thickest hair in any group I've been in.

Brightest candles burn the quickest. The absolute worst balders here are people with curls

Do you have any proof

My hairline has stayed the same forever, 0 change and I'm already getting white hairs. And mind you, as I said it's always been a super thick mess impossible to handle a la Jim Halpert.

>Baldest countries in Europe

Look it up, balding is a genetically determined reaction to hormones. Hence a good diet doesn't make hairs grow back, while tranny pills can make your hair stop falling out.


It's the slav curse

I have hair like one of these Asian anime characters

I also have very thick messy hair but not curly. Is yours curly?

Yes I do it's very rare for spanish people not to have curly hair.

Do balds get bullied in Spain?

my father had nice hair even in his 40s, fucking bullshit

Not great not terrible. I never don't eat junk food

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Are you 36 years old??


Wow. What do you do in your spare time? You are so old!

You look young for 36 btw and you have no hair loss

Sport and videogames
Thanks. My dad is 60 and almost no hairloss so I hope mine will last as long

Do you have a gf or wife?

No I'm a NEET

baldness is a choice in 2020