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My ancestor :)

Danas policiski cas pocinje u 2 popodne

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the algorithm is telling you that you have two choices:
accept your fat fate and settle for a fat wife and have fat kids
impregnate a dinaric trannoid and break the virgin gene

My gf is neither fat nor trannylike. Tinder is impossible-tier for ugly people (unless they're women, obviously).

she looks like a boy
ur ghey

Not too foreigner though.
My ancestors lived in Balklands.

gave her a small nose tip and chin reduction

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that's because she's imaginary

She’s a Magyar kveen

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the fuck kinda name is that


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Women are disgusting shrub humans with no shame or pride

>last thread still not a at bump limit
fucking retards



Do slovenians really?

fucking retard

take your antidepressants

can someone find this Dinaric godess in the video I'll send u $20 via bitcoin


Reminds me of 1956.

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I don't take any, maybe you should take your dilator out tho

3 sehit skins

tu tiu tiu tiu tiu tiu tiu tiu tiii iiiuuuu

a kva magiq s mene ti napravi
zasht ne moga vehce az da te zabravq


danas imas sve, a vecer sutra nema te
krvavi balkan


Swiped in Minsk and then back to Hungary, the Magyars are way better (less retarded)

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show the pics that you're using

Fyromgay, how many matches do you get a day?

morning, how's my balk doing today?

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sloncho ofc