Just found out the "german" I crushed on as a teen is actually Polish. My life is a lie

Just found out the "german" I crushed on as a teen is actually Polish. My life is a lie.

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aktshelly he‘s mongolian afghani dravidoid


He is German-Polish, same for Klose. Both are neither totally Poles nor Germans. The territorial situation of Germany and Poland in the last 100 years makes this quite difficult. And even before that, there were ties.

Podolski is a normal East Prussian name, nowadays it's completely associated with Poland because Prussia doesn't exist anymore and its territory is mainly in Polish hands. Same for Nowitzki.

>tfw the only hot german on the team was ethnically polish

>Podolski (Polish feminine: Podolska, plural: Podolscy), (Ukrainian: Пoдoльcкий) is a Slavic surname found mostly in Poland and Ukraine. It refers to the historical region of Podolia, located in present-day Ukraine.

Only shows that Poland and Prussia shared a lot of history. Podolski got the Name from his father, Waldemar. He was one of the last German-descended people to stay in Silesia, the Region of Opole/Oppeln Podolski grew up in still has kept some German touch after WW2.

His father is also Polish.

>being attracted to gorillas

Ever heard of the second World war? Waldemar was born in Poland, but on formerly German core territory as a man with German roots. Lukas was born in 1985, the family left for (West) Germany in 1987 and were given German Aussiedler status due to Waldemar's ancestry. Before WW2, the Podolski family had German citizenship. Lukas does not own a Polish passport as well.

Is this guy still relevant? I thought he retired like 10 years ago

Speaking of shared footballer. We have a guy named Glik on our national team right now. He's got a German passport as well, there his name is Glück. His grandfather was a Silesian German who stayed in Poland after the war and mixed with Poles, or something along those lines.

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There's is literally no information on having German roots. Both his parents were poles. And you would have a better arguement for Czechs. Poles mostly don't overlap with you at all.

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We do overlap with Eatern Germans

Still active on club level, for Antalyaspor in Turkey. Had his last NT match in 2017. He still is very popular here, especially in Köln of course.

That would be expected considering Eastern Germany's history and heavy slavic ancestry

Didn't I tell you about the citizenship stuff already? What is so hard to believe? You just don't understand German-Polish history, do you? Lukas Podolski considers himself German and Polish and he has reasons for both.

Yeah, a shitload of Germans in present and former-day eastern Germany have Slavic roots.

Interesting, I didn't know he had a German passport...

Yes, you're talking about citizenship. Citizenship is not race or ethnicity.

I unironically do as well :~)

Next thing you'll do is whip out haplogroups. You can't just toss his family's history aside because it suits you. Slavic roots aren't uncommon in Prussia, a family living in Germany for a long time and later returning isn't exclusively Polish, simple as. If you could ask Lukas himself, he would say he's German-Polish and he probably wouldn't change his answer if he had spent more time in Poland as a kid.

Woah, cool. Where do you live? Silesia? That's neat, how come?

I live in Warsaw now, but my family is from Bielsko-Biała. My grandfather's family were Austrian settlers who came to a village there in the 19th century, their family name was Macher. They intermarried with Poles. My grandfather changed his name to Szermański after the war, one of the reasons was because he hated his father, and another reason was that the name sounded more Polish so he had better chances of advancing in the communist party.

Prussia does not exist fren. It has nothing to do with tossing history aside. An indian who lives in the UK is not ethnically English. And i'm willing to bet had the topic been about something more negative about a minority you would be quick to toss aside that convenient ideology, and be sure to differenciate yourself from the Pole.

Are you really this retarded?
There were more than enough ethnic Germans living in what is today Poland. If his father was one of them he is ethnically (part) German.

>I'm willing to bet
Yeah, you're willing to bet. And what does that mean? Right, nothing. You have no clue and just pull the old "Let me tell you about your country" move. Podolski is German-Polish and not Polish.

That's a very interesting family history.

But that's the thing, there's literally nothing suggesting that as both his mother and father identify as ethnic poles. So the only leg you're standing on is "what if", to one of the most R1a slavic countries in Europe whose only relation to you is through your Slavic influenced East.

>a haplofag
Called it. You're trying to explain complex national histories on the basis of a single method that has never played a significant part in the establishment of cultural identities (since it's so young) while being stuck in your 21st Century point of view. Do you have proof that Waldemar Podolski "identifies" as an ethnic Pole? You only have Poland = R1a and nothing else, not like that's much.