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dont rly study it
just duolinguo every now and then and other random study tools

>The Shaft

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fantasising about living here

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I studied at school but mostly forgot. Lingodeer is a great app for languages

Is this real?

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You wake up here

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Do I have a parachute?

Liverpool... Home.

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Wouldn't trust myself living on a high floor or near a body of water, I'd definitely die while on drugs

bet it's still pretty grim in the winter

you arrive in the dominion of neoqueensland, 2047

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Of course it's real

Wonder what today's equivalent of going off on a ship to the wild frontiers and carving a new life for yourself is

Whatever it is, thats what I want to do. The way people live in this country is pitiable.

pakistan be kidding me

>australia becomes a republic
>queensland succeeds as a monarchy

Haven't wanked in 7 days

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Nah on the middle of the road

501kg deadlift tomorrow

moving to the Australian outback to work in the mining sector

Haha! No way! london has its own flag now!

Sent from my iPhone

Public welfare announcement: I'm going to pee

Sign me up

Written 2000 words in the diary this morning

prove it

Read some

Australia is a colonial shithole with no culture that exterminated its natives and yet thinks it has the right to lecture China on anything. Its population is almost entirely comprised of Engl*sh criminals.

funny how the media made sure this got memoryholed

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am I naked?

I'm very horny rn

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thinking about abandoning my life and moving to australia to work as a midnight baker

that indian poster is a real character huh

Being an astronaut.

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Gave the ol girl a clean and took her out for a spin. Did a ton on the motorway without breaking a sweat

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I'll always remember, one of our (black people's) finest moments

Reading it now

Oh bore off zhang you'll never accomplish anything here.

land in canada is surprisingly cheap

the jungle gf

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No I meant to us, are you fucking mental?

Is it really that surprising though.

seriously hoping you just snap pics of a st you see around the town and you don't actually own the thing

pussy though like I'd rather take a beating


I can't believe this is not real

You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose jeans you wear
Now it's time to leave your next jeans
if you dare

literally looks 14

my gf had a similar dream but abandoned it in favour of becoming a pastry chef, she didn't like working late nights and neglecting her pet eel

Try again mate

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They had to fire half the company because of these needless lockdowns. Luckily I'm still a part of it, even though we're furloughed.

So this is Rorke... hapless late-20s - late-30s runt white male, still lives at home, can't cook, coddled by his mother, prone to soiling Jeans from Next/Matalan/George, excessively proud of things he had no part in (empire, WW2, British industrial achievements), sees himself as a noble Englishman despite his myriad flaws, despises modernity despite his dependency in video gamea and social media, abhors degeneracy despite being a grubby slob


Got called Rasheed by a racist on Yas Forums lads

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