CANZUK edition

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Do not enjoy peaty whisky drinks.

same ratio of pubic hair to penis as I have on the right

Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!

anime innit

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Maybe, think it's more of a blond

imagine if a bug climbed in your ear while you were sleeping

That's why I sleep with my ears closed.


You know she means CHAD right?

hate canzuk 2bh lads
think its at best a waste of time
at worst an actively detrimental idea

Going to Wuhan when this is all over to have a group of girls there spit all over my face and into my mouth


having indecent thoughts about these cakes

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Fingered one of these cakes in a Sydney nightclub toilet

Too many Pakis in the UK t b h.

don't care; didn't ask

kick canada yanks larping as purebread commonwealth anglos

you're not one to talk when you have Hongcouver

only watch films if they've got a good rating here (rotten tomatoes but only with female critics)

Had it up to here

not to do with that
its an idea not rooted in economic sense and idea that has no goals or mechanisms to improving life in the uk

its purely based on nostalgia

Post your local lads

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Canzuk is a smol pp but top shelf dna sperm

I’m a separatist. Fuck Hongcouver.

HOMEALONE what do you sound like

Can you give us a vocaroo on your phone reading out this post

love Canadians

Are all feminists just slags gagging for cock?

neighbours doors open but i want a spliff what do i do

whats the point in being chummy with aussies

youre asleep when were awake and vice versa

>A viral TikTok trend in India has been accused of promoting colourism.

>It involves users digitally darkening their skin colour and looking sad - before revealing their natural, lighter skin tone at the end and smiling.

how can we blame wypipo for this

watching some family guy on the telly and they started talking about fortnite

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thats a good thing, means we have eyes open at all times

Me on the left bending over next to THE BLACK BULL

not really theres some crossover

>I'm a seperatist. Fuck Hongcouver.

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they arent us
they are another country.

Just go for a walk and spark it you junkie
No one will give a fuck you para mess

if we were canzuk we'd be one country and one people

It isn't even colourism is it
It's shadeism or whatever slider you move in photoshop to make something darker and brighter

yeah when we're at toil

watching some rick and micky and they're talking about minecraft

They are us in another country lad

The steady hands of the Ausbloc keep the engine of the Commonwealth turning over in midfield while the Britons rest easy

Looking pretty grim tbqh

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homealone do all your tenants belong to the polish underclass?


but why would canada and aus give up their sovereignty to be ruled by a country 10000s of miles away?

pakoid fingers banged this one out

live in a posh part of gloucestershire dont think they approve of jobless 21 year olds sparking spliffs outside at 12pm on a weekday

Alri tismo.

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Smoking sticks and stems makes you impotent haha

left the rest of my pizza out overnight on accident and now it's no good

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>ruled by
this isnt the 1800s anymore it would be a union of equals or it wouldn't work

I have more in common with a pakistani born in the UK, then a guy born in Australia to British parents

they are a different country.
they arent us. we are us.

remember how americans of british descent launched 2 wars against britain?


heard some man scream bloody murder just now hope hes alright defo not gonna find out